Tips on Hoarse Voice Management

Hoarseness of voice refers to a strained, raspy, and harsh voice. The following are its causes and some tips on its management and prevention.


According to Medicine Net, hoarseness happens when a change in the voice occurs which is deemed unusual and caused commonly by acute laryngitis. Diagnosis may be done by a health professional and is largely dependent on the person’s history and physical assessment.

As per American Family Physician, hints that may lead to a serious underlying cause of hoarseness include dysphagia, hemoptysis, otalgia, odynophagia, , neck mass, tobacco or alcohol use, neurologic symptoms, aspiration of foreign body, intubation or neck surgery, trauma, unexplained weight loss, symptoms in a neonate, and symptoms in a person with an immunocompromised condition.


The following are some tips on managing a hoarse voice.


Ginger is one of the famous management herbs for hoarseness of voice. According to Top 10 Home Remedies, it is soothing to the mucus membranes that surround the larynx or the voice box, in addition to alleviating inflammation and preventing infection in the upper respiratory tract. As per the publication, the person may eat thin slices of raw and fresh ginger at a regular pace. Salt and lemon juice can be used to add taste. As an alternative, a tablespoon of finely chopped ginger is simmered in a cup of hot water for ten minutes. Then, it is strained and honey is added. The mixture is consumed for up to three times a day.

Black Pepper

While it usually causes a person to sneeze, black pepper is one of the agents that help manage hoarseness of voice. According to Search Home Remedy, pepper can soothe an irritated throat, reducing hoarseness of voice to a certain degree. One-fourth teaspoon of pepper is taken with a teaspoon of butter and the mixture is swallowed at least thrice a day for relief.


Resting the voice is another key management for voice hoarseness. According to Home Remedies for You, the person should avoid whispering, since this adds strain on the vocal cords. To add, the person should avoid talking, shouting, singing, as well as a lot of laughing, since these can also strain the cords and worsen the condition.


For prevention, one can do several methods. According to Health Line, these include frequent handwashing, as hoarseness may be due to a viral respiratory infection. Smoking should also be avoided, as breathing smoke can irritate the larynx and the vocal cords and can dry out the throat. Hydration by drinking at least eight-ounce glasses of water per day also moist and thins the mucus in the throat.

Hoarseness of voice is not as bothersome as sore throat, but it may be part of the signs and symptoms of an underlying medical condition. Thus, it should be assessed by a physician to check for problems and implement interventions as soon as possible to manage it successfully.

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