Tips on How to Keep Your Teeth White

Have you looked at the mirror recently and saw that your pearly whites are no longer as brilliant as they were before? Yellow stains from coffee and the food that we eat can make your teeth not as white as you want them to be.

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This can certainly bring your self-confidence down a notch especially when you’re the type of person who smiles a lot. There is no denying the effects of having white teeth when you’re talking to someone but how can you maintain the whiteness of your teeth when the food that you eat as well as other habits are causing them to turn yellow?

Teeth whitening kits. If you have mild stains on your teeth, you can take advantage of DIY teeth whitening kits that are being sold in drugstores. These kits make use of bleach to help lighten your teeth while toothpastes containing abrasives can help remove the stains on your teeth for better results. If the stains on your teeth can’t be removed easily, you will need to set up an appointment with your dentist.

Use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Many people swear by this remedy so you might want to try it out as well. Simply combine a small amount of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda until you create a paste. Brush your teeth just like you do before and make sure that you brush those teeth at the back. The hydrogen peroxide can help get rid of the bacteria in your mouth to keep away bad breath and keep your gums healthy. However, make sure that you have enough hydrogen peroxide mixed into your baking soda as the abrasiveness of the latter might remove the enamel from your teeth.

Home whitening strips. Another solution for your stained teeth is to use home whitening strips. These strips are almost invisible when worn and are coated with peroxide based gel that can help whiten your teeth. You only need to wear them a few minutes every day for a week at least and your teeth will become noticeably whiter. The best part is that the results can last for a year at least.

Apple cider vinegar. Never underestimate the power of ACV or apple cider vinegar when it comes to whitening teeth. If your teeth have been stained because of nicotine or coffee, this one will work well. However, you need to make sure that you follow this treatment up to a month at least. Simply brush your teeth with apple cider vinegar but make sure that you follow this up with your regular toothpaste. Keep in mind that there are acids present in ACV which can remove the enamel from your teeth. It would be better if you use a non-fluoride toothpaste or rinse your mouth with water thoroughly to remove any acid residue.

Eat apples, celeries, and the like. These home remedies are still being used when it comes to whitening teeth as they help trigger more saliva production that can remove any debris that might cling in between teeth. Another trick is to chew on sugarless gum because it also helps stimulate saliva production which is better for your teeth overall.

Coconut oil pulling. Coconut oil has already been touted for its numerous health benefits but can it help whiten your teeth? According to research coconut oil pulling actually does the trick. Simply take a teaspoon of the oil and swish it around your mouth and in between teeth for 5 to 20 minutes. You can also add a few drops of this oil on your toothbrush and brush it on if you like with the same effects.

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