Tips on Cutting Distractions to Stay Focused

Distraction is all around us, at home, when we are traveling, even at school and at work. There have been many instances of people spending more time scrolling through their social media accounts rather than working or studying, and for sure, you are guilty of this too. It’s really hard to keep your attention focused on what you are doing when there are so many distractions around you. How then will you be able to avoid this?

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Focus your attention on two to three tasks first

There will be a never-ending list of tasks that you will need to do throughout the day. Unfortunately, this can be quite overwhelming and leave you stressed out that you are not making any headway. One reason behind this is that you tend to jump from one task to another without really focusing on one task. A better way to do this is to actually focus on two to three tasks first and finish them first. This way, you will be able to progress through the list of work that you need to do in a day.

Remove social media apps from your phone

Another way for you to remain focused on your work is to remove any distracting apps on your phone such as Facebook, Instagram, and the like. This way, you won’t have any excuse to check your phone from time to time so you will be able to focus on your work instead.

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Focus on the small parts

When given a major project, the first thing that you’ll most likely consider is how to reach the goal. If you will be pushing to finish the work quickly, you might end up making mistakes along the way. A much better approach for this is to actually focus on small parts first. Work your way through each component of the project rather than doing everything at once.

Work in blocks of time

Another way to stay focused on your work is to actually time your work. For example, keep working for a set amount of time, you can turn your alarm on so you will know when to take a break, and do what needs to be done in this period. Once your alarm sets off, take a break. You will find that you have actually done more this way than just winging it.

Control internal distractions

Internal distractions can wreak havoc to our personal productivity levels which is why you need to learn how to tame this problem. One way to keep yourself from being distracted is to actually create a working environment where you will be able to work freely. Put a deadline on the work that you are doing and try to meet it as much as possible.

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