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Tips on How to Clean Your Kitchen Without Risking Your Health

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We often spend a lot of time in the kitchen as it is here where we prepare our meals on a daily basis. And with all the preparing and cooking that we have been doing, it is only right that we clean it as thoroughly as possible. Usually, we get to clean our kitchen sink, counter, and utensils as we finish preparing and cooking, but there are instances when we have missed a spot, or that grease and grime start to accumulate on the counters.

When it comes to cleaning, most of us use bleach and other detergents to make our kitchen appear spotless, but the chemicals that get left behind pose a threat to us. How then will you clean your kitchen without compromising your health? Here are a few tricks to try:

Steam and lemon

Cleaning the microwave usually means wiping it down, but you can also steam clean it if you like with the help of lemons. Fill a microwave safe bowl with about ¾ water then add some lemon slices in it. Squeeze some lemon juice into the water then place it inside the microwave. Turn it on for five minutes to boil the water and to let the steam do its work. Wipe down the interior of the microwave using a damp cloth, then finish it with a dry cloth.

Hot soapy water

Hot soapy water is the best go-to solution when cleaning your kitchen utensils every time you finish cooking. The hot temperature can kill the germs that may be lingering in them, as well as dissolving any food debris. The soap will get rid of the oils and smell too.

Citrus disposal refreshers

The garbage disposal also needs to be cleaned as the accumulation of food and other ingredients can stuck up in the disposal knives leaving a slight smell when not cleaned thoroughly. Fortunately, you can prepare your own disposal refreshers by placing a few citrus peels into an ice cube tray or muffin tin, then fill it up afterwards with vinegar. Freeze until the vinegar has become solid then transfer into a container. All that you have to do is to drop an ice cube into the garbage disposal and let it run. Not only will the disposal knives become sharp, but it also helps eliminate any smell that may come from it.

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