Tips on How to Stay Safe During a Thunderstorm

Lightning is both fascinating and dangerous. Each year, it is said that lightning kills 70 to 100 people. It’s exactly for this reason why it is a good idea for you to ensure your safety whenever there is a thunderstorm.

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This article will teach you some very simple tips on how to stay safe during a thunderstorm.

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If you’re outside your home:

Look for the nearest sturdy building. Is it just a few feet away from you? Run to it for safety. 

If there’s a car around, get inside it. Just make sure that you keep the windows closed. 

Not a sturdy building or car nearby? What you need to do is lie on the ground on your stomach. Keep your feet together and place your hands over your ears to avoid hearing loss. 

Are you with family members, friends or strangers? Don’t lie on the ground right next to one another. Instruct everyone to be at least 15 feet from one another. 

Got a backpack or bag with you? Ditch it — its metal parts like zippers and buckles attract lightning. Make sure that you are about 15 feet away from it. 

Similarly, you should not be anywhere near lampposts, clothesline, metal fences and bleachers. 

Refrain from staying near a tree because it can easily serve as a lightning rod. As a general rule of thumb, your distance from the tree should be about twice its height. 

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Never stay close to a body of water — we all know that water is an excellent conductor of electricity. 

If you’re swimming in the ocean or pool, get out of there as soon as it seems like a thunderstorm is about to strike and proceed to a safer place.

If you’re inside your home:

Stay away from doors and windows, and don’t spend time on the porch. 

Refrain from using a corded telephone. If a lightning strikes exterior phone lines, it’s not unlikely for you to get electrocuted with extremely high voltage of electricity. 

Similarly, you should avoid using electrical devices like the TV or a computer. 

Earlier, it was mentioned for you to never stay close to a body of water. When inside your home, refrain from doing the dishes or laundry, washing your hands or taking a shower. Again, water is a conductor.

If someone is struck by lightning:

Use your cell phone to call 911 right away. Again, do not use a corded phone for this task because it can also put you in danger during a thunderstorm. 

It’s okay to touch a person who is struck by lightning. He or she does not carry an electrical charge.

The secret is to always keep your eyes peeled. If the sky is darkening, winds are increasing in speed and there are flashes of lightning, then immediately go to a place where you’ll be safe.

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