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Tips on How to Treat Teething Rash

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A teething baby means that their gums are getting ready to sprout some new baby tooth or teeth that is causing some discomfort to your little one. You’ll know when your little one is starting to grow a tooth when they become fussy, less sleepy, and have swollen gums along with extra drool coming from their mouth. And because their cheeks, chin, neck, and even their chest are exposed to excessive wetness, and you’re constantly wiping it off, it will not be surprising to see rashes forming on their skin.

Teething rash is not that difficult to miss especially when there are red patches around the mouth, cheeks, chin, even their neck and chest too. Usually, these rashes appear chapped and dry and may look almost the same as that of eczema. How can you make this skin condition go away?

Minimize drool

This is probably the easiest way for you to prevent teething rash from appearing in the first place and that is to remove the drool as soon as it appears. A soft cloth is a good choice as it is gentle on the skin. Remember to dab at the drool rather than wipe it off since the friction can irritate their sensitive skin. If your little one tends to drool in excess, let them wear a bib to protect their neck and their chest.

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Unscented baby wash

 Another tip to treat your baby’s teething rash is to use an unscented baby wash during bath time. Artificial fragrances can make the rashes worse because of the chemicals that they contain.

Keep baby comfortable

If rashes have already formed, make sure that you keep your little one comfortable as much as possible. Change their damp clothes as soon as possible and give them something cold to chew on to help ease the pain in their gums.


It would help if you can moisturize your baby’s skin to help protect it from dryness. Use a baby-formulated lotion to ensure that their skin will not be irritated with the presence of drool.

Cover their hands

Your baby may accidentally scratch at the rashes while they sleep which is why you need to cover their hands and trim their nails as much as possible. This way, your baby will not aggravate their skin rashes unknowingly.

Add moisture barrier

Applying a small amount of coconut oil on your baby’s skin can protect them from rashes.

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