Tips To Improve Self Esteem

People often mistake self-esteem as something physical or something you can see. You need to look respectful, fully clothed or professional looking to be deemed to have good self-esteem. That is not the case, having good self-esteem is an internal process that all of us at one point struggled with.

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Self-esteem is about loving who you are and every aspect about it, the good and the bad. Through the recent years a rise of cases of chronic low self-esteem in teenagers are starting to open up the eyes of the earlier generation. Some are still having a hard time realizing that there is a difference between growing up then to grow up now. There is now a multitude of activities and tips to help improve self-esteem. There are also tips on how to deal with people with low self-esteem. We’ve compiled a short list of helpful tips to boost self-esteem.

Here are a few helpful tips to help improve self-esteem:

1. Getting to the Root of Your Self-esteem Issues
It’s best to fix the issues that you are aware about. Write on a piece of paper all the things that make you who you are and separating them with strength and weakness. Have exactly 10 on each side, don’t say, but I only have two strengths because we are pretty sure you do have more. You are humble, kind, forgiving, trustworthy, have killer eyebrow game and so much more. Looking at yourself through a piece of paper will make you realize that these weaknesses are either made up in your mind or something you can conquer. Keep telling yourself over and over again that “You are good enough”.

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2. Have a Realistic Goal
Nobody with self-esteem issues wakes up one day and just goes “I’m flawless and perfect, that’s that”. If there is someone like that then great for them, but for most of us building self-esteem is a long journey of self-love. Saying that you’ll be confident enough to do this and that by next week is not realistic and you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Never set yourself up for disappointment, don’t make an unrealistic timeline for yourself. “I’ll graduate by 21 or I’ll get a high paying job when I’m 24” If you don’t achieve these expectations for yourself then you’ll end up disappointing yourself and lowering your self-esteem.

3. The Materialistic Ideal
Having a fancy car, fancy clothes, gadgets and material things are great, but it is not a good source of self-esteem. “Having a limited edition car will make people think I’m rich or cool” doesn’t equal self-worth. When all your material things are gone, what’s going to happen to you? Will you remain as self-confident as you are now? This goes the other way round too, just because you don’t have any expansive or fancy thing means you’re nothing. This clothes, shoes, cars, phone and other stuff are just things, they will and should never define who you are.

4. Criticizing Yourself
It’s never a good idea to criticize anybody, especially yourself. Allowing yourself to criticize every little thing about you is only going to bring you down and further away from your goal. Instead of criticizing your past mistakes, your appearance, your future and everything else; teach yourself to value who you’ve become. You’re a stronger person than you were when you made your mistakes, what you look like is beautiful and nobody can say otherwise, you have time your future is in your hands and you are amazing.
Having a good and healthy self-esteem can make you feel good and make you achieve height you never would have thought you could accomplish. Some of the most accomplished and successful people you know started with low self-esteem. They’ve made a life worth looking up to by using that urge of courage and self-esteem to get where they are, and you can too.

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