Tips to Reducing Your Chances of Developing Keloid Scars

Keloid scars can take away much of your self-confidence especially if they are found on exposed areas of the body such as your face, hands and legs. Although they look hideous, those smooth and hard growths are more of cosmetic issues than health threats. Keloid scars may develop immediately after the skin injury or several months later.

Some people are more prone to ending up with keloid scars. If you have them, it’s not unlikely for you to develop more with each wound, cut, burn, surgical incision and bout of acne you get. You are also very likely to have them if you have relatives who are prone to developing keloid scars as skin specialists say that keloid scars tend to run in families.

There are certain procedures available for removing keloid scars. However, opting for any one of them can be daunting most especially because a larger keloid scar may take the place of the one removed. It’s for this reason why your best bet is to prevent having your skin injured in order to ward off the development of those unsightly growths.

Here are some of the things that may be done so that you may considerably reduce your chances of having keloid scars:

See a Skincare Specialist If You Have Acne

It is a good idea to see a dermatologist if you have acne, most especially the severe kind. Having the problem treated properly helps reduce your chances of ending up with keloid scars on your face which will surely leave you feeling embarrassed. Also, refrain from picking your pimples and you should practice good skin caring regimen.

Refrain From Getting Any Part of Your Body Pierced

Consider looking for other ways of expressing yourself than body piercings if you know that you are prone to developing keloid scars. There in no use in sporting those glimmering accessories if there are ugly skin growths where they are attached. Opt for clip-on earrings to save your earlobes from potentially ending up with unattractive keloid scars.

Avoid Having Your Skin Tattooed

Tattoos allow you to sport beautiful artworks on your body. However, those colorful designs may be your constant source of insecurity if you tend to develop keloid scars. Again, it’s a good idea to look for other ways of making a bold statement. Go for clothes, shoes, bags, hairstyles that suit your personality and permit you to express who you are.

Steer Clear of Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Fret not if you want to look better but cannot undergo cosmetic surgery because you might end up with keloid scars. You may simply opt for other beauty solutions that do not require your skin to be surgically cut. For instance, there are plenty of home remedies available for cosmetic issues such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Keep Fresh Scars Moisturized Until they Fully Heal

It’s a good idea to place a damp washcloth which is slightly heated in the microwave on fresh scars regularly. Also, you may massage coconut oil or olive oil on them to keep them moisturized. You may regularly massage the vitamin E-rich gel inside the aloe vera leaf on fresh scars to reduce their odds of ending up as keloid scars.

Protect Scars From Being Touched by the Sun

Did you know that keloid scars are just like your skin that darkens when exposed to the sun? To save yourself from having dark keloid scars, remember to prevent fresh scars from being exposed to direct sunlight. Safeguard them by staying in the shade or by wearing protective clothing that can block UV rays.

Quit Cigarette Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for the health. This habit is a no-no for someone who is prone to developing keloid scars. That’s because cigarette smoking impedes blood circulation in your skin. Wounds may take a long time to heal, and it’s something that may leave you with keloid scars.

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