Top 10 Foods for Beautiful Skin

Whole Grains
Rutin, an antioxidant that aids against problems of inflammation in the skin is sourced from whole grains (whole grain buckwheat). If you do not have enough biotin in your body, the skin tends to be become dry and scaly. B-vitamin biotin is harnessed from wheat germ.

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Processed carbohydrates do not do a good job of keeping the skin healthy compared to whole grains. Refined flours may cause an increase in the insulin levels which can cause acne. Turning to whole grains is a good move for acne sufferers.

Goat Milk
Besides being delicious, goat milk is a treat for your skin. Lactic acid, which is a natural exfoliant, comes in great abundance in goat milk. Vitamin A and Vitamin E are also present in goat milk along with the rich concentration of triglycerides that act as moisture keeper of the skin. They hydrate the skin, making sure it is healthy.

The fatty acid caprylic gives the skin a lower pH level. The mantle of the skin where the barrier that gives us protection from bacterial infection is is set at alkaline levels. Balanced alkalinity makes it easier for the skin to absorb all the needed nutrients.

Vitamin E combats free radicals that speed up aging. It also protects the skin against UV rays. Vitamin E relieves dryness as it keeps the moisture in the skin. To revitalize the skin, selenium can enhance the antioxidant abilities. They are also a great source of omega-3fatty acids.

Shea Butter
Stearic, oleic, and linoleic, and palmitic fatty acids are some of the tryglycerides found in shea butter. Unsaponifiables are parts of fats and oils that do not form soaps. They have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties plus they absorb the radiation from UV rays. These unsaponifiables are aound in shea butter in huge amounts.

Red and Green Vegetables
These foods are rich in beta-carotene. They are then converted into Vitamin A. Vitamin A prevents cell damage and premature aging. They help the skin in producing new cells, keeping the skin young.

Oatmeal is a home remedy for dry, irritated and itchy skin. They contain fats that lubricate the skin. Saponins that have antibacterial and antifungal properties, along with polysaccharides that cling to the skin, eliminating flakes, are found in oatmeal.

Citrus Fruits
Vitamin C is a good agent against inflammation. It can neutralize highly reactive oxygen molecules (free radicals) that damage the cells and speed up the aging of the skin. Collagen relies heavily on Vitamin C as it aids in collagen’s production.

Yolks are very important source of Vitamin A which helps in the repair of skin. Some vitamin A was proven ingredients against wrinkles and acne. Biotin B is also sourced from eggs. They are good to keep healthy skin and nails.

Zinc and omega 3 fatty acids boost the skin complexion. Dryness and inflammation cause the skin to age faster. Omega 3 reduces these effects on the skin.

The high sugar content in honey is a surefire way to cause a breakdown in the body. However, a little on your skin is healthy. It keeps the moisture in the skin plus the added factor of its antibacterial properties.

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