Top 10 Health Myths Busted

Half-truths and utter lies — you will surely encounter plenty of them throughout your journey to becoming healthy without you knowing it. Busting these health myths is always fun and surprising. Also, you tend to become armed with the correct pieces of information after. So continue reading to know 10 fabrications that need debunking asap!

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Myth #1: Pooping Daily is a Sign That You’re Healthy
You may be perfectly healthy and still not move your bowels on a daily basis. Not doing a number 2 daily does not necessarily mean you are suffering from constipation. If you are pooping less that thrice a week, they you may have a problem. Deal with it by eating more fiber-packed fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and moving a lot.

Myth #2: Food From the Floor is Safe to Eat Within 5 Seconds
Studies after studies have shown that the 5-second rule is a myth. No matter how quickly you spring into action to pick up food that had fallen to the floor, it is already contaminated with microbes.

Myth #3: Eggs Will Clog Up Your Arteries
It’s true that eggs contain considerable amounts of cholesterol. Studies have shown, however, that consuming eggs won’t give healthy people problem. If your doctor gave you a clean bill of health, it’s fine to have an egg daily. If you wish to reduce your intake of saturated fats and cholesterol, having egg twice a week is great.

Myth #4: Carbohydrates Make You Fat
Your body’s main sources of fuel are foods containing carbs. What you should know is this: not all carbs are cut from the same cloth. Yes, there are carbs that can make you fat, and they are the ones coming from refined food products. Loading up on whole grains, fruits and vegetables is an excellent idea because they offer the good kind of carbs.

Myth #5: Calories Taken at Night are More Fattening Than Calories Taken During the Day
No matter the time of day, calories will remain as calories. Instead of focusing when you eat calories, it’s a much better idea to pay special attention to how much calories you are consuming. Naturally, excess ones will get stored as fat.

Myth #6: Eating Microwaved Food is Bad for You
Fret not because the amount of microwaves employed for cooking foods is several times weaker than the ones used for x-rays and the rest that tend to be a cause of concern for many. Cooking foods in the microwave is actually no different from cooking them in any other way. However, not using microwave-safe containers may cause certain compounds to leach into your food, and this is what may cause some health matters.

Myth #7: Microwaving Kills Off Nutrients
No matter how you choose to cook your foods, you will surely lose more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and others the longer you cook them and the higher the heat is.

Myth #8: You’re More Prone to Getting Sick During the Cold Weather
According to studies, the probability of people catching a cold was the same regardless of the weather condition. The possible explanation why it seems like you are likelier to get sick more often when it’s cold is this: you tend to spend most of your time indoors where germs fill up the air.

Myth #9: You’ll Get Arthritis When You Crack Your Knuckles
Not true. The only thing you will get from cracking your knuckles is the stare of the annoyed individual right next to you.

Myth #10: High-Fructose Corn Syrup is Better Than Sugar
Although this might sound that it’s a fact, the truth is it’s just a myth like the rest found on this article. Experts say that high-fructose corn syrup was made to imitate sugar. Naturally, they basically have the same caloric content and have pretty much the same impact on the health.

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