Top 10 Herbs That Accelerate the Metabolism and Promote Weight Loss

Losing excess pounds is not an easy job. All you have to do is ask overweight people who have tried slimming down time and again but failed big time. It is said that up to 85% of people who decide to lose weight will fail to meet their goals. This does not mean, however, that you should lose hope. All you have to do is explore all of your various options and opt for methods that seem really promising.

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Turning to herbs is a wonderful idea because, unlike most slimming supplements on the current market, they are all-natural and less likely to cause nasty side effects. There are actually plenty of herbs that are known to help speed up your metabolism, thus making weight reduction a less difficult task.

Continue reading to get acquainted with 10 herbs that are known to be very good at causing your metabolism to skyrocket, thus making it easier for you to become slimmer. Especially when their intake is combined with healthy food choices and regular exercise, you will surely obtain the figure of your dreams in no time.

Yerba Mate

The stimulating effect of yerba mate makes it beneficial for people with sluggish metabolism. This herb gives you the energy and motivation you need to exercise, something necessary for an effective reduction of weight. What’s more, yerba mate is also packed with age-defying antioxidants.


It’s true that peppermint is an herb famous for its ability to deal with nausea and stomach upset. But did you know that it also helps promote successful weight loss by normalizing your digestive system and removing excess water in the body? Also, peppermint has a mild appetite-suppressing effect.


What makes spearmint highly effective in accelerating weight loss is the fact that it can neutralize excess estrogen in the body. The more of this hormone you have, the more your body will hold on to fat cells, something which can make slimming down extremely difficult.


Because ginseng is capable of stimulating your nervous system, the intake of this herb makes it trouble-free for you to get the regular exercise you need for an effective reduction of weight. This very popular herb also has thermogenic effects, meaning it is capable of raising your basal metabolic rate.


To help you shed off excess pounds, oregano helps ensure that your digestive system is working properly in synthesizing nutrients in food and flushing out waste materials. This herb also promotes an increase in serotonin levels in the brain, which helps in combating emotional eating.

Gurmar Leaves

These age-old herbal remedies for obesity help you lose weight in 3 ways. First, they have diuretic properties so they flush excess water out of your body. Second, gurmar leaves eliminate toxins along the digestive tract. Third, they help make sweets taste less appetizing, thus making it easier for you to steer clear of them.


Being stressed all the time is bad for your weight and overall health. That’s because it promotes the production of the hormone cortisol, something that has all sorts of negative impact on the body including accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. By combating stress, sage helps you achieve your ideal weight.

Milk Thistle

This herb is very good at lightening the workload of the liver, your primary organ of detoxification. Because of the positive impact milk thistle has on your liver, the said organ can also focus on keeping your metabolic rate up. This results in a much faster elimination of unwanted pounds.

Dandelion Root

Did you know that this plant that seems to grow everywhere you look on your lawn is actually an herb? And did you know that consuming it — any part of it — can help you slim down? Dandelion root helps normalize the body’s pH level as well as reduce inflammation, something that promotes weight gain.


Despite of it being an herb used in traditional medicine for so many centuries now, not so many people are familiar with this particular herb. Researches have shown that guggul helps promote a healthy thyroid, thus causing the metabolism to work optimally.

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