Top 10 Probiotic Foods You Can Add to Your Diet

What is an Antioxidant?

You often here antioxidant in facial cleanser or products for the skin because antioxidant is an important compound needed for these products. Antioxidants are natural cleanser for the body. It is a chemical compound that is essential for removing free radicals in the system. Free radicals are molecules that are harmful to the body. Antioxidants work as a neutralizer of free radicals and makes them dormant and easy to remove. Antioxidants are important to detoxify the body and keeping it in top form. Free radicals are excreted from urine, sweat and stool. This is why antioxidants are great for keeping the skin healthy.

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A few Antioxidants to mention are the ff:

• Flavonoids
• Melatonin
• Vitamins A
• Carotenoids
• Phytochemicals
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin C
• Zinc
• Selenium
• And many more.

There are a lot of foods that are rich in antioxidants. Carrots, avocados, grapes, kiwi and bell peppers to name a few. These foods are packed with antioxidants. Foods rich in antioxidants isn’t only used to detoxify the body, but also used to achieve flawless skin. Antioxidants are known to prevent cancer, heart diseases and cellular damage. It is also known to reverse symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

Antioxidants are important for our overall health. If you are planning to cleanse your body from harmful toxins, consider writing down these foods for your next grocery list.

• Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are a great source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and phytochemical that are important to our bodies. It is easy to cook and can be used as a great side dish.

• Kale

Kale has anti-cancerous antioxidants that can also prevent heart problems. This yummy veggie is versatile, it can be used in salads, cooking, sandwiches or in dips.

• Spinach

Spinach is high in antioxidants, it contains two carotenoid antioxidants called lutein and zeaxanthins that is known for its ability to shelter the brain from Neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. This leafy green works well in soups, salads and with protein.

• Broccoli

This known super food like its relatives are rich in antioxidants. Broccoli is known to fight off many diseases. Steaming broccoli is best, it keeps all the antioxidants and nutrients in the vegetable.

• Beet

Beets are great for blood circulation in the body. It is also a great source of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Beets are relatively easy to cook and eat. It is incredibly delicious and can be cooked multiple ways.

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• Garlic

Garlic has always been famous in traditional medicine. It is known to cure multiple ailments and is known for its antibiotic properties. It is known to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Garlic is an amazing source of antioxidant too.

• Bell peppers

The antioxidants present in bell peppers are carotenoids and vitamin C. No matter what color bell pepper you prefer, both are equally good for you.

• Kidney beans

Beans are known for its antioxidant properties. Most types of beans are pronounced for detoxifying the body. Other types of bean you can try are black beans, azuki beans, pinto beans and red beans.

• Berries

Strawberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are rich in antioxidants. Berries are great for the system. It is especially good for people who are trying to lose weight, berries are low in calories and can cleanse the body.

• Apple

Apples have always been a first pick when it comes to fruit. It is easy to eat and is available all year round. Apples are abundant in antioxidant and is known to guard the body from the harmful effects of free radicals.

• Avocado

Delicious avocados are rich in vitamin E, C and A. These vitamins are essential in removing free radicals in the system. Try a healthy avocado mayonnaise sandwich for lunch or just slab avocado in your go to sandwiches.

• Kiwi

Kiwi is a yummy snack that is rich in antioxidant and vitamin C. Kiwi is wonderful in juices or in fruit tarts.

• Pomegranate

Pomegranates are perfect for people who are going on a cleanse. Pomegranate seeds are rich in antioxidants. Eating it in the morning can help jump start metabolism.

• Tomatoes

Lycopene, found in tomatoes works as a great antioxidant. Tomatoes are great for weight loss, producing red blood cells and boosting immunity.

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