Top 14 Home Remedies for Wart Removal

Mention the word “warts” and everybody will secretly start looking around to distance themselves from the person who has them. No one can blame these people for finding anyone with warts to be disgusting. After all, those small and hard growths on the skin are slightly contagious, brought about by the human papillomavirus or HPV.

At the first sight of a wart on your own skin, do not panic. There are a few home remedies that can get rid of that unsightly and dreaded tiny bump. Employing any one of them can save you from the sheer embarrassment of buying an OTC wart removal at the local supermarket, or being spotted and avoided by your family and friends. They are the following:

1. Tea tree oil – Tea tree oil’s antiviral properties help make warts disappear in as quickly as a week. Apply it on warts at least twice a day.

2. Garlic – Just like tea tree oil, garlic has antiviral properties. Crush a clove and place on those nasty growths. Allow it to stay there for a couple of hours. Do this daily.

3. Lemon juice – Simply daub lemon juice on trouble spots and let it do its job. Do it twice a day for faster results.

4. Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar’s acidity makes it an excellent wart-buster. Soak a small piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar, squeeze out the excess and tape it over the wart. Do this morning and night.

5. Aloe vera – At least once a week, break an aloe vera leaf in half and apply the gel liberally on those disgusting warts.

6. Dandelion – Place the sap from the stem on those warts twice to thrice a week to see noticeable results in no time.

7. Fig juice – Placing a few drops of fig juice on warts thrice a day is a simple and an effective home remedy.

8. Marigold – Use a mortar and pestle to extract juice from the leaves. Apply liberally on warts at daily.

9. Castor oil – Acetic acid in castor oil helps dry out warts quickly. Apply it on those retch-inducing bumps before bedtime.

10. Lemon oil – If you are into aromatherapy, chances are you have a bottle of lemon oil that’s very good at removing warts.

11. Cashew nut oil – Protect the surrounding skin from cashew nut oil by applying petroleum jelly around the wart prior to applying this skin-irritating substance.

12. Banana peel – After having your banana for your daily dose of potassium, stash the peel in the refrigerator. Tear off a small piece and repeatedly rub it on warts. Do this several times a day to see results in no time.

13. Raw potato – Cut a small piece of raw potato. Rub it on warts many times a day.

14. Duct tape – Cover the wart with duct tape for 5 to 7 days. Afterwards, soak it in warm water and gently scrub the bump with a pumice stone.

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