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Top 5 Eyeshadow Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Applying eye shadow to achieve that eye-popping look is not as easy as it looks. That is why we have compiled some of the most common mistakes done by many women whenever they apply eye shadow.

  1. Using Palette Applicators

While having applicators that come with your eye shadow palette readily available for your use are convenient, using ones with sponge tips actually make blending your eye shadow more difficult. This is because sponge-tipped applicators apply too much eye shadow powder all at once that is actually more difficult to blend. For this, we advise the use of an eye shadow brush instead. This allows you to dab small amounts of makeup, making blending a whole lot easier.

  1. Forgetting to Blend

Much like when you do contouring, eye shadows should always be blended with colors along the lid and the brow bone to create better dimensions as well as to avoid a sloppy look from harsh lines.

  1. Using Concealer Before the Eye Shadow

Don’t ever forget to apply concealer AFTER your eye shadow. Doing the reverse can be considered one of the biggest makeup blunders a lady could ever commit. Aside from falling off, applying eye shadow powder first could ruin a precisely placed concealer. It is wiser to blend your eye shadow first then dab the concealer under the eye for a more flawless eye makeup.

  1. Putting Too Much Color Below the Eye

Remember to keep the eye shadow applied under the eye tight along the lash line to avoid acquiring a tired look. Putting too much eye shadow on this part would also drag the eyes downward—something you don’t want happening especially if you want to achieve a youthful look.

  1. Match Your Eye Color

When applying eye shadow, our main goal is to emphasize the color of our eyes. Believe it or not, using blue eye shadow to match your blue eyes is actually a big blunder because doing this dilutes the true color of your eyes. If you want to achieve a better-looking eye makeup, match the color of your eyes with an eye shadow palette that is on the opposite side of the color wheel. With this said, those with bright blue eyes should use yellow or gold eye shadows while those with green eyes should use lavender and plum shades.

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