Top 5 Weight Loss Tips for Busy Moms

Mothers are busy individuals. Period. No questions asked. Between juggling household chores, taking care of the kids and doing actual paid work, most moms barely have time for themselves, let alone maintain a healthy a lifestyle to keep track of their weight. Piling on weight can be easy especially if you’re too busy to realize that you’re not eating healthy of lack activities that can target weight loss. So for all the busy moms out there, here’s a list of what you can do to help shed your excess pounds.

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1. Skip the sweeteners.
Artificial sweeteners are compounds that aren’t helpful in your goal to stay fit and slim. In fact, these products will not only make you sick, they’ll make you fat too.

2. Start planning ahead.
Planning ahead is what keeps you on track; it organizes your life and gives you a sense of direction. Same goes for the planning of your family’s meals. If you plan ahead and think of what things you’ll need to prepare beforehand, you won’t find the need to cram when time comes. This can eliminate the possibility of subjecting yourself to stress which can be one of the major reasons why millions of people put on extra weight; because they’re having a hard time dealing with stress.

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3. Talk to the Hand
Some moms have gotten the concept of “portion sizes” entire wrong. Good thing, there’s the “hand” to guide you back.
Ideal portion servings for chicken should be your whole hand. For meat and fish, it should be your palm (laid flat), for nuts it should be your palm (cupped). Servings for pasta and rice should be the size of your fist and if you’re having cheese, it should be the size of your thumb.

4. White Out, Wipe it Out
Ideally, all things made with white sugar and white flour should be eliminated. Instead, go for whole grains as a healthier alternative.

5. Change your thoughts; Change your World
None of these tips will be effective if you won’t change your relationship with food in general is. Everything relies solely on your willpower and determination to eat healthy and stay healthy.

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