Top 6 Biggest Salad Mistakes — and How to Avoid Them

Salads make the perfect healthy and light appetizer or meal, but too often we et stuck with soggy, stale and boring salads. Well, not anymore. Salads are supposed to be light but filling to the stomach, but because of some common salad mistakes, it turns heavy and unappetizing. To get back the crunch and freshness of your salads, avoid this 6 salad mistakes.

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Just Wash n’ Toss
One of the worst things you can taste is a soggy salad. Its taste and looks disgusting. One of the reasons of soggy salad is washing without drying. It is important to clean a salad component, but not properly drying them can make it soggy and yucky. Void this by using a salad spinner or use a custom made salad spinner. Line a plastic bag with paper towels, insert your newly cleaned greens and spin with your hands.

All Greens Need Is Dressing
Some leafy greens and dressings are enough to make a salad. Nope! Salads are not dressing and leaves alone. Salads need seasoning and other hearty ingredients. Using pepper, salt, lemon juice and mustard can add a kick to your boring salad. Adding a little nuts, fruit and chicken can make your salad more filling and delicious. Season your salad according to your taste, make it a little spicy by adding pepper or chili powder.

Salad Tongs?
Leave the salad tongs in the drawer. The best mixing tools for your salads are your hands. Clean and sterilize hands. Salads need to be airy and light, by using your hands you allow more oxygen to enter the salad. Making it light and fresh tasting. Also, using your hands is a more gentle way of spreading your salad dressing. Avoid bruising and crushing leaves by putting the dressing on the sides of the bowl, then tossing. This makes the distribution of the dressing more even, and removes bruising in leaves.

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One Dressing Fits All
You can’t use one dressing to every salad you make. Greens that are delicate like arugula should not be used with heavy and creamy salads, dressing like garlic cream or Ceaser dressing. There are also vegetables that can overpower light dressings. Kale should not be used with balsamic vinaigrette. Like beer and hotdog everything should be in sync. Salads are a balancing act, too much dressing can make it soggy, too little can make it too stale. Aside from balancing the dressing, you have to balance the acidity levels and texture of a salad.

Tossing It All
Have you ever experience eating something soggy in your salad that you can’t quite figure out what it was? Was it a pea? A nut? Seeds? Or a tomato? Well, you’ll never have to experience that again. When tossing your salad avid putting in the heavy ingredients. Nuts, tomatoes, peas, crab, fruits and seeds are all heavy ingredients. When tossed in early with the dressing, will tend to sink to the bottom of the bowl with the dressing. Making it soggy and sometimes gross looking. Put all these heavy ingredients after tossing, this will keep the ingredients on top and make the salad look more pleasant and appetizing. Add other herbs and spices for garnish.

Greens To Go
Make your salads more exciting with different leafy greens. Kale, romaine, mesclun and arugula are all common ingredients is salads. Adding new greens to your recipe can alter the taste and the texture of the salad. Try out dandelion greens, escarole, chicory, micro greens, mâche and baby kale. Remember to leave the iceberg lettuce out! We are making a salad not a wrap.

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