Top 7 Mistakes You’re Making with Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is in the top list of “super foods” because of its amazing health benefits and taste. Olive oil contains healthy fats, antioxidants and vitamins. It is a must have for every kitchen cupboard, but without the proper knowledge we tend to misuse this wonder oil.

We have asked an Extra virgin olive oil expert on the top 7 mistakes we tend to make when using olive oil.

Not All Olive Oil is the Same

When buying olive oil we tend to go for the cheapest or most convenient one, but a thing that we forget is that not all olive oil is the same. We use olive oil for all our deeds, not considering the ideal purpose for each olive oil made. Everyday olive oil is great for simple dishes, but when it comes to dishes that need a more powerful flavor like pasta and salad dressings go for the premium brands.

There are olive oils that have a sweet taste, a fruity taste and a peppery taste. So choose the ideal olive oil for your dishes to boost flavor.

Storing Olive Oil

One of the most common mistakes we make is storing olive oil in direct light or near the stove. Heat can greatly affect olive oils. It can reduce the health benefits and flavor of the olive oil. Store olive oil in room temperature, store it in the pantry or anywhere that does not generate heat.

Judging a Book by It’s Color

As consumers, we tend to buy products with our eyes. Disregarding olive oil because of its color or shade should be changed. Olive oil gets its color from when it was harvested and processed. Depending on the time or season it was made, the color of the olive oil will vary. So, it doesn’t mean that one shade better than the other.

Olive Oils Do Have An Expiration Date

Most olive oils expire in 24 months. So, storing it longer than that diminishes its value and gives off a rancid taste. Keep used olive oil in a separate container from fresh ones.

Cooking Over High Heat

Olive oils are not made for deep frying or for cooking in high heat. The required temperature for olive oil is 360 degrees, anything higher destroy the antioxidants. Olive oil is great fro poaching or sautéing, but it is not made for deep frying.

Using Plastic or Clear Glass

Olive oil is sensitive, so altering its oxygen can change the flavor and components in it. When buying containers avoid plastic and clear glass. Plastic can change the oxygen level in olive oil and clear glass are more accessible by light/heat. Opt for glass bottle with a dark tint.

Cooking with Delicate Oils

Like I said before not all olive oils are the same. There are delicate olive oils that are mostly used to flavor or aroma. These delicate olive oils are used for bread dips, cold salads, burschetta and pasta. Cooking with these oils diminishes its flavor, aroma and health benefits.

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