Top 8 Muffin Top Exercises

Muffin tops are a problem faced by those who have the tendency to eat more than needed and exercise less than necessary. They tend to surface really quickly if you fail to monitor your diet and lifestyle, and they tend to disappear really slowly the minute you engage in healthier eating habits and regular exercise.

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The best way to deal with muffin tops is by doing the right combo of making healthier food choices and getting your regular dose of exercise. You don’t really have to remember a lot of things except to steer clear of foods that are laden with sugar and saturated fats, and work out for not less than 20 minutes for at least 5 times a week.

Doing cardiovascular or aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, dancing and playing tennis is an excellent way to make those muffin tops go away. There are also a handful of moves that you may incorporate into your everyday workout routine for superb results. Here are 8 of the best:

Twisting Crunches

Make your regular crunches extra challenging and more effective against muffin tops by slightly twisting with each crunch you make. Let your right elbow touch your left knee and your left elbow touch your right knee. Do 3 sets of twisting crunches, with each set composed of 24 repetitions.

Incline Crunches

Doing incline crunches is an excellent way to make those unflattering bulge around the midsection go away quickly. For this routine, you will need an incline bench with your feet on the steep part of the workout prop. Perform 12 repetitions and do them all 3 times. Refrain from using your neck muscles each time!

Toe-Touches with a Twist

Everyone loves toe-touches because they are easy to perform. By adding a little twist to it, zapping those muffin tops can become easier. All you have to do is touch your left toe with your right fingers and touch your right toe with your left fingers. Do 3 repetitions made up of 24 toe-touches each.

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Leg Lifts

The moment you do them, you will understand why leg lifts are some of the best exercises for the midsection! Lie on the floor, place your hands under your buttocks and lift both your legs off the floor. Hold it for about 6 seconds, rest for a while, and then repeat. Keep on doing it until you can do no more.


Everyone knows that planking is a wonderful exercise for the core. Even though it seems like you are doing nothing while planking, the fact is your abdominal muscles are being worked out superbly. Support your upper body with your elbows and maintain a straight line. Hold the position until you get tired.

Donkey Kicks

Aside from making your midriff flatter, doing donkey kicks also helps tone your legs, making them look longer. Get down on all fours and kick your left leg behind you. Keep your leg straight and hold the position for 5 seconds. Do the same on the other leg. Each leg should be worked out 10 times.


Performing squats is great not only for your waistline but also your buttocks. Start with your legs close to shoulder-width apart. Slowly take your upper body close to the floor until your knees hide your toes from view. Hold for a second then go back up. Repeat 12 times for tighter abs and buns.

Forward Lunges

Doing forward lunges is a great way to get rid of muffin tops and at the same time work out your leg muscles. Step out using your left foot and lower your body, doing a lunging position. Hold it for a second, go back to the starting position and step out using your right foot this time. Each leg should be exercised 10 times.

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