Top Estrogen Rich Foods

Even if estrogen is more commonly known as the female sex hormone, it is found in both men and women. A deficiency in estrogen causes the lack of interest in love making while too much of it may lead to breast cancer.

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This list is composed of estrogen rich foods.

Pinto Beans

Pinto Beans is a source of coumestans a phytoestrogen that is easy to digest.


Another phytoestrogen is Lignans. They are more commonly found in peanuts. It is packed with nutrients and it keeps you full.


Flaxseeds balance the estrogen level in the body. It is also a good source of lignans. This seed also reduces the body’s hot flashes.

Sesame Seeds

Phytoestrogens are high in concentration in poppy seeds and sesame seeds. The sure way to avoid the lack of estrogen is to keep munching sesame seeds.

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Besides estrogen, soy beans are also rich in calcium and iron. Put in your daily diet to avoid estrogen imbalance.

Soy milk also contains iron and calcium. These are needed in a woman’s daily intake of nutrients.


Phytoestrogen is contained in cucumber along with its rich water content. It is the perfect summer food.


A lack of estrogen in women causes hot flashes. Carrots are a good source of estrogen. They are also a rich source of antioxidants.


Tofu contains low amount of fats but a high concentration of pythoestrogen which balances the levels of the hormones in the body.


Known best for its beauty benefits, beets are rich in phytoestrogen. This, again, ensures the balance of the body hormones.

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