Top Foods and Drinks That Make You Look Older

Although it’s true that no one can stop the aging process, there are certain things that may be done to slow it down. Some of them include the use anti-aging cosmetic products as well as limiting sun exposure, reducing stress and healthy eating.

Speaking of which, minding what you put in your mouth helps keep that youthful glow intact. Continue reading to become acquainted with foods and drinks that can accelerate the aging process and steal away your beauty and self-confidence.


The consumption of too much sweet stuff can wreak havoc to your appearance. The way your body processes sugar leads to side effects such as an accelerated aging process. The skin tends to suffer the most, ending up looking dull and old.


Salt per se is not bad. Getting more than the suggested 1,500 mg a day, however, can age you and more. A low-sodium diet can spare you from cosmetic woes like eye puffiness and wrinkle development on thin skin, such as around the eyes.


No matter the form, alcohol has a diuretic effect that dehydrates the body. Fine lines and wrinkles tend to appear more prominent because of this. What’s more, drinking alcohol also makes it harder for you to suppress craving certain foods that can further undermine your beauty, such as snacks that are laden with salt, sugar and fats.


Coffee robs you of your youthful beauty in a couple of ways. First, it leaves your teeth discolored. This certainly makes your smile a less flattering picture. Second, it dehydrates your skin, causing you to look dried out and wrinkled.

Refined Carbohydrates

Foods such as white bread and pasta are made from refined flour that triggers inflammation. This is something you want to steer clear from as inflammation breaks down skin collagen, leaving you looking older than your age. When grocery shopping, focus of whole-grain food items such as wild rice, quinoa, popcorn, oats and anything out of whole wheat flour.

Processed Meat

Cold cuts, hotdogs, bacon and others contain sulfites that can cause you to age faster. All of these frozen food items trigger inflammation. As mentioned above, inflammation is something that can accelerate aging most especially of the skin.

Red Meat

Having too much red meat causes the process of aging to take place at a faster rate. That’s because metabolizing the food leads to the formation of tons of free radicals — unstable molecules that damage healthy cells and make the skin look old.


The acidity of soda erodes tooth enamel, making you more susceptible to having dental carries. Soda also contains lots of sugar and sodium, each one of them promotes the aging process.

Bad Fats

Trans and saturated fats cause inflammation, something that can leave your skin looking lifeless and old.

Spicy Foods

Individuals afflicted with rosacea should steer clear of spicy foods. Their ingestion results in the dilatation of the blood vessels, leading to the appearance and/or worsening of the skin disease’s condition.

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