10 Foods that Make You Look Exhausted

We all have those days where we look in the mirror and look exhausted no matter how much rest we got the day before. Makeup can cover most it up, but you can still feel it. A huge factor that makes us feel this way is the foods we intake. There are foods that can make you feel and look exhausted. These are some foods to avoid to look and feel  better.

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  • Alcohol

Alcohol should be taken in moderation. Too much can dehydrate you and make you feel bloated and tired. Alcohol can make the skin look dry and dark. There will always be occasions where alcohol is unavoidable. To counter the negative effects of alcohol on the skin, drink a glass of water per alcoholic drink you take to prevent dehydration.

  • Salt

There is a required amount of sodium in the body,  anything more can be harmful. Foods that are high in salt can dehydrate you and make you feel and look exhausted. When grocery shopping look for foods that are low in sodium and opt for other spices to enhance your dishes.

  • Fried Foods

Fried foods are definitely delicious. French fries, chicken nuggets and fried chicken are yummy but are awful for the skin. Oils and fats can clog up the arteries, making the skin look dry and dull. Not only is it bad for the skin, it can also pack on the pounds. Opt for baking foods than frying.

  • Artificial Sweetener

The artificial sweetener is basically passable for people that need to lower their sugar level but can also be bad too.  Aspartame in artificial sweetener is known to cause joint pains and bloating. It can also increase the craving for sweets. Artificial sugars should be used in moderation. Opt for all natural fruit based sugars like coconut sugar.

  • Carbohydrates

Excess carbohydrates are bad for the skin. It can damage skin cells and collagen. It makes the skin look dull, pale and sad. Eating too much carbohydrates can make energy releasing protein to stop functioning. Don’t completely remove carbohydrates from your diet just opt for foods that is low on carbohydrates like salads and vegetable.

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  • Red Meat

Red meat like most food should be eaten in moderation. A study has shown that eating too much red meat can cause wrinkles. Carnitine found in red meat in excess can cause hardening in the blood vessel walls. Eating red meat twice a week is advisable.

  • Candy

Too much sugar can give an instant sugar rush, but can cause you to crash afterwards. This causes the body to become exhausted. Not only those sugars make you feel exhausted, it make your skin look tired and weary. The puff in your eyes becomes more prominent and makes the natural blush in your skin fade away. When craving for something sweet opt for candies with low sugar content or candies that are bite size to control proportion.

  • Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are great for metabolism, but not so great for the skin. Spicy foods can cause skin irritation. It can also cause the dilated blood vessels to become uneven. Spicy foods can make the skin and face look tired, puffy and uneven. If you are planning to go out the day after opt for mild spicy foods rather than super spicy ones.

  • Processed Cold Cuts

Processed col cuts are full of preservatives and sodium. This can cause skin inflammation and makes the skin look dull and tired. Opt for fresh cuts from the market, but like most on this list it should be taken in moderation.

  • Doughnuts

Doughnuts are delicious, but is given a thumbs down by healthy eaters everywhere. Donuts are sweet, full of carbohydrates and fats. Eat doughnuts in restraint to avoid weight gain and tired looking skin. Opt for whole wheat bagels, yogurt and honey.

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