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Top Foods to Eat to Build Muscles Fast

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Building muscle takes a lot of time and effort, but can be attained. Eating right and exercising can help build muscles. To help you get a jump start on building that body, start reading the list below and take note.


A study was done on people who were in a muscle building workout plan that ate 3 whole eggs per day versus  people who ate one egg during this period the participant that ate 3 a day gained twice the amount of muscle than the participants that ate 1 egg a day.

Eggs are great for building muscle because it is full of good cholesterol, this maintains your body’s testosterone level.
Opt for poached egg or steamed egg rather than fried.

Organic Beef

Conjugated linoleic acid is known to burn fat, by burning fat off your body makes it easier to build on muscle. Organic beef is a huge source of Conjugated linoleic acid.
A study was done on men who took 5g of CLA versus men who didn’t take any CLA during their workouts. They were given 7 weeks for the study. The conclusion, men who took the 5g of CLA gained more muscle than the men who didn’t.

Wheat Germ

Wheat germ is high in good carbohydrates and is a decent source of protein. Aside from being a high-carb food wheat germ contains octacosanol. It is known to increase endurance and muscle strength.

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To experience the full effect of wheat germ, take it half an hour before starting your high intensity muscle building workout.


Fish are rich in Omega-3fats that are vital for muscle growth. Omega-3 increases muscle growth and help muscle repair after a heavy workout. Its basic function is to help your body to use the protein in your body to build muscle.

Fish that are rich in Omega-3 fats are herring, tuna and salmon. Smoked salmon works best as a pre-workout meal.


Spinach is high in nutrients and fiber which makes it a perfect food for building muscle. It is also contains beta-ecdysterone. This property is used to enhance the body’s ability to use protein to build muscle. Try incorporating spinach in your energy smoothie.

Brown Rice

Substituting  white rice to brown rice is a healthier choice over all. Brown rice has less sugar and fat than white rice. It is also high in GABA. Gamma-aminobutyric acid surges growth hormones in the body.

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