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Top Home Remedies for Jock Itch

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The name “jock itch” clearly reveals where this skin condition strikes and how it feels like. Aside from the groin area, it may also affect or spread to the buttocks or inner thighs. Men and women alike may suffer from this embarrassing problem.

Commonly, the application of anti-fungal drugs in cream or gel forms is recommended by doctors. The use of these topical solutions, however, does not come without certain side effects. Some of them include skin redness and irritation, rash, blisters, and even numbness or tingling sensation.

If you are suffering from jock itch and you want to deal with the infection in a more natural approach, continue reading. Below you will find some of the tried-and-tested effective home remedies for the skin condition.

Tea Tree Oil
No list of home remedies for skin infections would be complete without tea tree oil. Applying this product directly on problems areas can help get rid of the infection as it can zap fungi and provide relief from skin inflammation. If you feel that the stinging sensation is too much for you to bear, simply dilute tea tree oil with coconut oil before applying.

Rubbing Alcohol
A very simple solution for jock itch would be the use of rubbing alcohol. Use a cotton ball to apply the product on areas with jock itch. Aside from killing off fungi, the drying effect of rubbing alcohol will keep those infection-causing microbes from multiplying because they need moisture in order to thrive.

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If rubbing alcohol isn’t around and you want to deal with jock itch without smearing anti-fungal cream or gel on it, reach for a bottle of mouthwash. It’s just as effective against the problem as rubbing alcohol, provided that your mouthwash is alcohol-based. Use a cotton ball to daub mouthwash where utmost relief is needed.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Because it has superb antifungal properties, using apple cider vinegar to wash problem areas can help put an end to your very itchy problem. It is a good idea to dilute the product with water before using for washing your groin and other affected areas with. A couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar should be diluted in 2 cups of lukewarm water.

Chop up some onions and grab a small piece of cheesecloth. Use this to extract the juice of those sliced onions. Apply it on areas affected by jock itch. Allow to air dry before putting on your underwear. You may also add lots of onions in your diet to benefit from their antifungal properties further.

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Another super effective remedy for jock itch that can be found in your kitchen is garlic. All you have to do is crush a few cloves and apply directly on parts affected by jock itch. Garlic has amazing antifungal properties, allowing you to attain healing from the skin condition naturally.

Epsom Salt
An effective way to attain relief from the symptoms of jock itch as well as kill off the fungi behind such problem is by having an Epsom salt bath. Doing this allows you to get rid of the discomfort caused by the skin condition. An Epsom salt bath also has a drying effect, thus preventing the problem from progressing.

Baking Soda
You may also immerse the affected area in bathwater with a couple of cups of baking soda dissolved in it. Afterwards, towel off your groin, inner thighs and buttocks very well and dust with baking soda. This will keep the area moisture-free, something which fungi hate.

Baby Powder
One way to keep jock itch in control is by making sure that the environment is not friendly to those fungi. The application of baby powder in the affected areas especially after taking a bath and drying off very well can help in curing jock itch. It is certainly a great idea to look for powder with antimicrobial properties.

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