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Top Mosquito Repelling Herbs

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It’s that time of the year again. The time for some fun in the sun. Swimming  on the beach, having a picnic in the backyard, camping in the wilderness and fighting off mosquito attacks.


It is that time again, the time to take out our trusty fly swatter, flea repellant and mosquito spray. The summer is the time to show off some skin, but it’s not easy to show off skin if it’s covered with itchy red marks.


Thankfully, I’m not the only person that suffers from the bug magnet syndrome. This summer I won’t have to worry about getting bitten thanks to this natural bug repelling herbs!


Try out these natural remedies instead of chemical laden products!


Lemon Balm – Has high levels of citronellal. This compound gives the lemon balm that lemony aroma that bugs naturally repel to. Citronellal, is related to citronella by smell. You can find citronella in expensive bug repellant sprays and candles. Instead of buying this products, simply plant a lemon balm at home. Crush the lemon balm leaves and use the juices in your skin. The smell will repel any bugs from coming near your skin and it smells good.


Catnip – Catnip can repel biting bugs and cockroaches. This plant is perfect for an urban household. Like Lemon balm the leaves can be rubbed directly on the skin to repel bugs. If you own a cat place it somewhere that your feline friend won’t reach.

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Citronella – Citronella has a very powerful lemony scent, that makes it great in cleaning agents and bug repellants. Be careful of citronella though, it can cause skin allergies to some people.


Marigolds – marigold is great for the garden, not only those it repel biting bugs, but it also repels garden pest. If you have a garden, plant marigold to keep pest away from your fruits and vegetable.


Peppermint – Bugs do not like the smell of peppermint. Use peppermint juice from the leaves as natural bug repellant. Apply directly on the skin or in your bed covers. Peppermint also removes itch from bug bites.


Lavender – Lavender can be grown inside the house, just place it beside a sunny window. It smells amazing and can keep unwanted bugs away.


Before using any chemical rich bug repellant try buying some of these herbs for your home. It’s an all-natural way to keep the bugs away!

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