Treat Sore Muscles with Home Remedies

Sore muscle is a common occurrence in our daily lives. It may be that you have been working out in the gym, and caused your muscles to tire out, or you’ve been busy walking around as you do your errands for the day. There are many factors that can cause tired and sore muscles and although the pain and discomfort will eventually fade, there are some that tend to linger for a few more days.

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Most muscle soreness occurs due to the micro-tearing in the muscles especially when we overexert them like we do when we are working out. As you exercise more, or do more tasks in the day, these micro tears can actually repair and rebuild your muscles, so they will become stronger.

Although this sounds like a grand idea, having to deal with muscle cramps and pain can be uncomfortable, and even hinder our movements too. Fortunately, there are steps that can help you alleviate this problem such as the ones below:

Magnesium oil

As the name suggests, magnesium oil contains magnesium chloride which functions as a muscle relaxant. To use this remedy, you can put some oil in a spray bottle and spray on the sore muscles on any part of your body.

Get moving

This may be the last thing in your mind when you are dealing with sore muscles, but this can actually help lessen the pain that you are feeling. As you move around, you are actually boosting the amount of blood flowing in your tired muscles which can help ease the stiffness and tension in them. The next time you overexert yourself in the gym, or at work, instead of spending the day curled up in bed, go out for walks, or do some light workout instead.

Caffeinated beverages

Athletes may experience muscle soreness after their training, but some of them find relief by consuming caffeinated drinks before they workout. Caffeine is a known stimulant which actually helps with your performance during training. Since there is more blood and oxygen being pumped into your tired muscles, they are less likely to suffer from tension and stiffness after your training.

Tomato juice

Since we are in the subject of beverage, it appears that drinking tomato juice after your workout session can help alleviate muscle soreness. This is due to the fact that tomatoes are packed with antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatories that can help lessen the aches and pains that you feel after you exercise.

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