Tricks to Waking up Earlier

There is one thousand four hundred forty minutes in a day, yet these minutes isn’t enough. Hectic schedules, chores, school and work; with all of these things on your plate twenty four hours don’t seem sufficient to accomplish everything. The next best thing to do is to sacrifice relaxation time to accommodate the activities that are needed to be done. Sleeping right and waking up at least 2 hours early can help you get things done without sacrificing leisure.

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Early risers get more out of their day without sacrificing much of their sleeping time or time with the family. Yet being an early riser is a god given gift to people with an amazing body clock.

No matter how hard you try you can’t stop your half-awake body from hitting the snooze button over and over again. Sleeping in for another five minutes, then another fifteen until it turns into an hour. You get up frantic from waking up late and rushing through your morning routine like lightning. You can change this habit, learn to train yourself to be an early riser. Little changes can do amazing things to your sleep schedule. If you, like most of the people in the world, is having a hard time being an early riser, then here are some amazing tips you can try to start waking up earlier.

Finding the Faults in Your Wake-Up Routine

What is causing you to wake up late? Do you keep turning your alarm off or do you sleep in because the room is too cold? Finding a solution to your wake-up routine issues can help you become an early riser. Keep a robe handy in the morning for warmth and place your phone somewhere you can’t reach.

Decide to Wake-Up Early

Making a mental note to wake up early can help your body clock to adjust to an earlier time. Before going to sleep deciding to wake up lessens the production of sleeping hormones. Lessening cognitive activities such as problem solving or school work in the morning can help your brain to wake up faster and better.

Adjust your Alarm Clock

Adjust your alarm to your body clock, if you tend to wake up at 8am adjust it to 7:45. When you start getting used to waking up at this hour adjust it another 15 minutes earlier. Do this until you reach your ideal wake-up time.

Get Enough Shut Eye

Sleeping enough will help you wake up earlier. Lack of sleep will cause you to be irritable when you wake up and increase the likely hood of you sneaking in some snooze time.

Get in Some Natural Light

Waking up to a pitch dark room will make it harder to wake up. Sleeping with a window or any form of natural light to enter the room in the morning will make you more aware of the time. Natural light seeping through the windowsill can help you become more alert and make you look forward to waking up in the morning.

Early Risers are more productive in their everyday activities. Many of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs and entertainers are early risers. Follow this trick to train your body to wake up earlier and be more productive with your time.

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