Trim Your Waistline With These Exercises

Reducing the waistline in order to become slim is common in some people. In a way, the waist measurement dictates the size and the style of the clothes they wear and buy. Along with diet, people exercise to shed the extra pounds of their waist. In line with this, the following are some exercises a person can do to trim her waistline.

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Squat to Rotating Press

One way to reduce the waistline is the squat to rotating press. According to Shape, the person performs the exercise by holding the dumbbells together in front of the body while standing with her feet slightly wider than her hips. Next, she pushes her hips back and bends her knees to lower into a squat and reaches the floor with the dumbbells.

Once done, the person presses through her heels to extend her legs as she curls the weights up into her chest, contracting her abdominal muscles. Then, she presses the weights overhead as he upper body twists to the right, with the left heel pivoting up. As per the publication, a good practice is to have the palms face in with the arms mildly in front of the head in full extension. Finally, he goes back to start and does the movement on the opposite site to finish one repetition.

Jump Rope Skipping

Athletes and other fitness enthusiast do jump rope skipping as their cardiovascular exercise, which targets fat burning. According to Top, the exercise is ideal for slimming, as it considerably boosts the person’s metabolic rate and forces her to tighter her core at the same time; thus, the exercise doubles the benefits it gives.

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As per the publication, the person jumps rope as fast as she can for 40 seconds, which is followed by a 15 second break. Then, the person repeats the exercise for five times, with one minute break. Jump rope skills can be intensified by performing complex movements like twisting the waist to the left and to the right as the person jumps. It is added that the exercise will also burn a lot of calories during the workout, along with an after-burn effect on the body fats a few hours following the session.

In line with the exercise, the person may do a High Intensity Interval Training routine with the jump rope. Also, an adjustable light jump rope can be used as it can facilitate fast jumps.


Another waist-trimmer exercise is corkscrew and it can be done at home. According to Bright Side, the person starts by lying flat on her back, with her arms at her sides. Then, she straightens her legs, squeezes them together, and gradually lifts them towards his head. Next, the body and the legs form about a 45 degree angle. The person ensures that her head, shoulders, and arms completely lie on the floor and she should not lift them as she lifts her legs.

Then, the person gradually rolls back down her spine, leaning her legs mildly to the right until she feels her oblique muscles work. Also, she makes sure that her legs are squeezed together. After that, she returns her legs back in the center, without placing her legs on the floor. Next, the person makes the same lean to the left and then continues going from side to side. She completes three sets of the exercise, gradually breathing in and freezing for a couple of seconds per side.

Overall, waistline is a factor when it comes to weight management and a person’s overall health. In line with this, trimming the waistline can be achieved through regular exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate rest.

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