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Unconventional And Brilliant Ways To Store Your Makeup

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It is really an eye sore to see your makeup clutter on your dresser. To organize your makeup, here are unusual keepers you can use to store them and keep them in order. You can also re-purpose other items you can find at home to form a makeup storage.

Makeup essentials (foundation, eyeshadow, blush ons, lipstick, etc.)

Use the following items to keep these makeup essentials neatly organized:

  1. Revolving spice rack: Display your everyday makeup essentials in a revolving spice rack to save space.
  2. Jewelry organizer: Insert your daily makeup essentials especially the smaller ones inside the pockets of the jewelry organizer. You can easily trace the items you need since its pockets are transparent.
  3. Desk organizer: Arrange these must haves in a clear desk organizer to see items all at once.
  4. Shoe organizer: If you don’t have enough counter space, store your makeup must haves in a shoe organizer and hang on to your bathroom door or closet for easy access. Shoe organizer has several pockets to keep all of your beauty essentials.
  5. Business card holder: The dividers seen inside a business card holder is an attractive way to store your blush-ons and foundations.


  1. Ice trays: To keep your eyeshadows singles in place, you can use ice trays to organize them. For ease in finding the hues you want to use for your eyes, you can arrange them by color. Re-purposing ice trays allows you to see all shades at once.
  2. Cookie or cupcake mold tray: You may also consider the use of old cookie mold or cupcake mold tray to store these colorful eyeshadows.
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Makeup brushes

  1. Wine rack: Put transparent glasses or cups in a wine rack and you have created an instant storage for your makeup brushes.
  2. Small glass or vase with coffee beans: You can also fill an empty, small glass or vase with coffee beans or small pebbles and stick your brushes inside to find them easily.
  3. Sunglasses case or pencil box: When traveling, you can re-use your sunglasses case or an old pencil box as storage area for your makeup brushes.

Lipsticks/ Lip Gloss/Lip Balm

  1. Mason jar: Use mason jars to store your lip colors.
  2. Kitchen utensil tray: You can utilize kitchen utensil trays to organize your lipstick by color.
  3. Cupcake tiers: Re-purpose cupcake tiers as your lipstick holder.
  4. Mini loaf pan: You can turn your mini loaf pan as lip color organizer.

Nail polish

  1. Cookie Jar: Utilize old cookie jar to store your nail polish.
  2. Picture frame with shelves: Do a DIY project using an old picture frame. Hammer some simple shelves to the back to display your nail polish.
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Hair hot tools

  1. Magazine rack: Magazine holders make a great room for your hot tools.
  2. Adhesive hooks: Another way of storing your hot tools is by placing adhesive hooks inside a cabinet door.
  3. Shoe organizer: You can also place them in big pockets of shoe organizer.

Hair sprays or hair products

  1. Wine rack: Stack these sprays on the wine rack to save space.
  2. Spice rack: Make use of spice racks to display hair products.
  3. Shoe organizer: Another clever way to store hair product items is by placing them in a shoe organizer.


  1. Cake platter: Cake platter is a useful storage solution for your perfume bottles.
  2. Spice rack: You can also use spice racks to organize your perfume.

Cotton balls, cotton buds, sponges

  1. Plastic food container: In your drawer, line empty plastic food container to organize neatly your cotton ball, sponges, cotton buds, etc.
  2. Mason Jar: Use empty mason jars to store cotton balls, cotton pads, cotton buds, sponges, etc.
  3. Candle vase: Empty glass candle holder can be used to hold these items

Bobby pins/ Hair clips

  1. Magnetic strip: Stick your bobby pins even your small hair clips to a magnetic strip to prevent losing them.

There are other creative ways to store your makeup. Creating a storage space for your makeup items will help in maintaining the integrity and usefulness of these products.

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