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Understanding Hair Extension’s Woes

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If you find hair extension a perfect beauty enhancer, you have to understand the scenarios you have to deal with in getting one for yourself.

  1. They require a lot of your time and effort. You need to spent time in a salon chair for an hour and a half to attach your full set of extensions
  1. They take some time getting used to. It does not matter what type of hair extension bonds used, there is a subtle feeling of annoyance or irritation when you have it on your head.
  1. They are expensive pieces attached to your hair. This holds true to hair extensions made from human hair because this type of extension can be washed, dried and styled. Other than that, maintaining human hair extension is costly because you need to go several trips to the salon in order to retain its appearance and quality.
  1. They put weight on your real hair. Wearing a hair extension makes you feel that there is something heavy attached to your hair.
  1. They make your scalp itchy. If you are wearing tape-in or glue-in hairpieces, they rub against your scalp, making you feel itchy. You cannot just scratch your scalp if you want to because you might accidentally pull or tug the bundle of the hair that might hurt or ruin your style.
  1. They are hard to remove. Removing this expensive hairpiece can be tough, the same feeling in putting these strands on your hair.
  1. You need to style your hair always. When you have your extensions, wash-and-go hairstyle does not apply here. You have to straighten it or curl it to blend it seamlessly.
  1. You have to be cautious when blow drying it. You cannot put the same pressure on your hair extension the way you handle your real hair, so be careful in blow-drying it.
  1. Hair extension requires extra TLC when brushing. Brushing your hair with extension needs gentle approach. If you brush it recklessly, it can cause breakage and possible ripping your hair.
  1. You also need to change the way you brush your hair. The right approach of brushing hair with extension is to work your way up to the extension from the ends to ensure that you don’t accidentally get your brush stuck and pull your real or fake hair out.
  1. Add oil to the ends of your hair. Since you change the way you brush your hair, this tip will help prevent dryness and brittleness.
  1. There is more challenge in washing it. When sporting a hair extension, scrubbing haphazardly or too intensely is outdated. You have to be extra careful in cleansing your strands so you don’t pull on the extensions. Also, you need to use sulfate-free shampoo in cleansing your hair, as sulfates found in regular shampoo can break down the adhesive holding the extension to your hair.
  1. Say goodbye to hair rolling-up routine. If you have the habit of wrapping your hair after shower, stop that habit when you have your extensions. Doing this creates friction and leaves your hair and extension tangled. The proper way to dry your hair extension is to squeeze the water out of the hair and blot it with a towel, let it air dry a bit then have it blow dry.
  1. Braid your hair before you go to sleep. To prevent tangling your hair during sleep, you have to braid it or wear a tied silk scarf to have comfy sleep at night. This will also prevent tiny glue balls or tape strips from stabbing your scalp during sleep.
  1. Give your hair a break from extensions. Extensions are attached to the hair roots. Do not allow to grow out too much with your natural hair growth for it puts weight on the roots and it might pull tiny hairs out, leaving bald spots. Definitely, you do not want bald spots appearing on your scalp, right?
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