Mayonnaise For Uneven Skin : Miracle Whip Facial

We all want that fair and glowing skin. We purchase expensive creams, oils and other beauty products. Our washroom counter filled with beauty products that we use everyday that at times don’t even work.

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A thing they never told you about our skin is that, a single product or a specific line of products is enough to cure all your skin woes. Our face usually contains problem spots. You can have an oily forehead, but a dry nose. Target specific spots on your face that need a little boost! Dry or wrinkling parts of your skin can get help from a simple everyday condiment! Mayonnaise is perfect for dry skin. It contains soybean oil that moisturizes the skin and brings back its elasticity.

So pick up that mayonnaise on the counter and have a relaxing facial.

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Miracle Whip Facial
• Miracle whip mayonnaise
• Vinegar
• Or simply pick up a Miracle whip salad dressing

You can make this facial by hand or just by simply opening up a pack of salad dressing. It is great for the skin because it exfoliates and moisturize at the same time. The vinegar exfoliates the skin while the mayonnaise part moisturizes and lessens wrinkles.

After mixing a tablespoon of vinegar with some mayonnaise, refrigerate for a few minutes for a cool and refreshing facial. Take two dollops of the mayonnaise facial and gently apply on your face. Target the areas that are dry. Gently massage it into the skin and relax. You can walk around or do your chores while waiting for the facial cream to set; it will take roughly take 10 to 20 minutes to set. You’ll know that the facial is set when it turns invisible or is absorbed by the skin. Move around a little to lessen the strong smell of the vinegar. When set, gently rub your face with your fingers or use a dry towel to get rid of the dead skin cells. Rinse off your face with water or with your favorite facial wash. You’ll notice a smoother and firmer skin. You can use this facial cream in other dry areas of the body like the neck, elbow and feet. Before using the miracle whip facial cream makes sure you are not allergic to any properties in the mayonnaise.

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