Unhealthy Foods to Give Up for Lent

40 days before Easter strikes, so many Christians worldwide observe the Lenten season. Repentance, spiritual discipline and fasting are all carried out from Ash Wednesday until Easter. Lent calls for voluntary reflection and giving up something.

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Speaking of which, some of the best things you may give up during the Lenten season are foods that leave your health in shambles. Turning your back on them for 40 long days allows you to observe the religious period as well as do your body a huge favor. Below are 10 foods that you might want to give up for the sake of Lent and your health.

Ice Cream

The fancier the ice cream flavor, the more calories it packs. No matter if you prefer the almighty vanilla or divine rocky road, refraining from having a bowl of ice cream twice a week can cut you back about 460 calories every week.


Drinking soda erodes your teeth as well as flushes tons of sugar down your throat. Throughout Lent, it is a good idea to abandon this acidic and high-calorie beverage and switch to water. Doing so can save you up to 200 calories a day.

Snacks Loaded with Carbs

Throughout Lent, the only snacks you should focus on are those that are nutritious, filling and contain no bad fats. By consuming them, you will find it easier to dodge snacks that cause you to commit sin against your health.

French Fries

Two things about fries that make it bad for your health: they are cooked in hydrogenated oil and they are laden with salt. Renouncing a medium serving of fries a week saves you from consuming a little over 3,000 calories throughout Lent.

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Fast Food

You can spare yourself from accumulating a little over 1,000 calories a week if you steer clear of your weekly habit of going to the nearest fast food joint to order a meal consisting of medium fries and a burger.


Throughout the observance of lent, alcohol is something that you should definitely give up. Especially if you like to take your red wine each dinner, you can save yourself from consuming as much as 127 calories each day by avoiding it.


16 ounces of latte with 2% milk contains nearly 200 calories. It’s a good idea to give up your fancy serving of coffee for 40 days as it allows you to save money as well as keep your waistline from expanding.


There are about 170 calories in a serving of dark chocolate (3 squares) and 210 calories in a serving of milk chocolate. Just imagine how many calories you get to dodge if you refrain from eating a serving per day throughout the Lenten season.


Many Christians abstain from consuming meat during lent. Jumping on the bandwagon for 40 days can save you from ingesting lots of saturated fats and as much as 13,000 calories if you relinquish your twice-a-week habit of consuming meat.

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