Unhealthy Ingredients You Can Scrap and Replace with Greek Yogurt

There are a handful of types of yogurt you can spot at the supermarket, and there’s no questioning that Greek yogurt reigns supreme. Every serving of the unflavored kind supplies your body with protein, calcium and good bacteria — minus the unnecessary calories and fat. Thanks to the awesome texture and mildly tart taste of Greek yogurt, it’s also something that you can use to replace cooking ingredients that are not good for your health and figure.

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Whether you are a pro in the kitchen or you are trying to reach superstar chef status by trying out one recipe after the other, it’s for certain that you will find it exciting to come up with nutritious and waistline-friendly treats with Greek yogurt replacing some unhealthy ingredients such as mayonnaise and heavy cream.

Provided that you go for unflavored Greek yogurt, you can be sure that every breakfast, snack or anything else in between that you whip up will be something that can delight your taste buds and keep your ideal weight intact at the same time. Skip certain unhealthy ingredients and replace them with Greek yogurt and every bite will surely be guilt-free. So what are these ingredients that Greek yogurt can wipe off the face of your kitchen countertop? Here they are:

Heavy Cream

We all know that cream-based pasta sauces are mouthwatering, but they can also quickly ruin your figure! The next time you wish to treat yourself to a serving of creamy pasta, replace heavy cream with Greek yogurt. Your sauce will stay creamy, its taste dreamy and the caloric count measly. By the way, you can use Greek yogurt for coming up with practically any sauce that’s cream-based to make sure that its going to be low in both calories and fat.

Sour Cream

Because of the mildly tart flavor Greek yogurt possesses, it makes for a wonderful alternative to sour cream that can easily leave your figure in a complete wreck. Even reduced-fat sour cream is no match for Greek yogurt which contains just a fraction of its calories and fat. Just about any dip, sauce or dessert that call for the use of sour cream may be whipped up using Greek yogurt instead, resulting in a masterpiece that is very low in figure-ruining calories and fat.


There is no denying that milk is good for you as it is very rich in protein, calcium and B vitamins. However, most people who greatly care about their health and waistlines may not be fond of the calories and fat milk contains. If you are planning on coming up with desserts that list milk as one of the ingredients, have it swapped with Greek yogurt! Practically any sweet treat you wish to serve on the table will turn up to be one of the healthiest goodies on the planet.


Do you love churning out cupcakes that can impress family and friends? The next time you are shopping for ingredients, skip that large tub of frosting and instead head to the aisle where you can find Greek yogurt. No matter the frosting flavor you have in mind, you can turn it into a palate-tickling and an eye-catching cupcake icing that packs fewer calories and fat. You can now please your sweet tooth with yummy cupcakes sans the guilt afterwards.


There are all sorts of dressings, dips and sauces that taste heavenly because of mayonnaise. However, they tend to be very hard on your figure — thanks to all the calories and fat the creamy ingredient packs. Fortunately, it’s something that you can easily scrap and replace with Greek yogurt. No matter what you wish to come up with, no one will notice that you have replaced a health- and figure-wrecking ingredient with something that’s very good for the gut.

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