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Why Hair and Almonds Go Well Together

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No, this is not another exotic dessert. But almonds and hair do get along well.

To be more specific, were talking about almond oil. As you read, you’ll find out that almond oil is rich in minerals that elevate it in the ranks of beauty and health ingredients.

Here are the Beautiful Reasons why almonds and hair click:

  1. Easy and manageable hair is the result of the nourishment almond oil gives. It nurtures your locks from the cuticle to the tip.
  1. Almond oil does not only manage your hair, it keeps your hair in place, too. This oil is great at managing hair loss. It causes new hair growth and aids in repairs when the hair shafts are damaged.
  1. The concentration of nutrients in almond oil makes the hair to glow. Sweet almond oil gives the hair and elegant and silky smooth look.

4.   Massage the scalp with almond oil. This softens the tissues in the scalp along with dandruff and dead cells. Doing so keeps the pores open, allowing the oil access to the hair’s roots making cuticles better nourished.

  1. The presence of almond oil in your scalp does not only add a healthy glow but also aids in making the hair grow stronger as the cuticles are nourished.
  1. A hair mask with almond oil and gooseberry components soothes the scalp and keeps the hair shiny. It is also used to get rid of that nasty dandruff.
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Almond oil fights skin irritation and prevents inflammation. It hydrates the scalp which hinders the formation of flakes.

  1. An almond oil paste (of course) and egg yolk can be used once or twice a week to help those who suffer from hair loss. There is hope!

Almonds are a good source of many nutrients. Vitamins E and D, magnesium and calcium are present in them. All of which play an important role to keep us healthy.

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