How to Use Essential Oils for Dark Eyes

Dark eye circles or otherwise known as eye bags, are commonly a cause of lack of sleep. If you see people walking around with really dark eye circles, then it is also pretty easy to determine that they are lacking sleep.

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These are very embarrassing, and can make a person look older than they look. A number of things, and not just from lack of sleep causes eye bags. People commonly associate eye bags with lack of sleep but it is actually a mixture of a lot of health related problems.

The skin that can be found underneath your eyes is very delicate and a lot thinner than most parts of your body. The veins underneath your eyes are closer to the skin’s surface causing a bluish or darker shade which is why you notice that the eye bags are a bit dark.

When your eyes start to itch, it is usually because you have an iron deficiency or anaphylaxis. Other causes of your eyes bags are due to aging, stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep, liver problems, hyper pigmentation, nutritional deficiencies, seasonal allergies, sinus infections, hereditary factors, and pregnancy.

So if you really think about it, there are a lot of factors to determine why your eye bags are so noticeable. If you notice that they are starting to become a bluish color, it is important that you have yourself checked just so the doctor can rule out the real reason why your eyes are so dark.


How to get rid of dark circles using Essential oils

One of the most known ways to at least cover up your eyes is by masking it with make-up like a concealer.  This type of make up is actually very effective. All you have to do is match the shade of your skin so that it blends in perfectly but make up can only do so much and it can only do a temporary fix on your face.

Some people like to conceal it with very heavy make-up so that it gets rid of the blackness but because the make-up is sometimes too thick, the eye circles become very prominent and more noticeable.

If your eyes are dark because it is due to damaged eye vessels and blood leakage, it is important that you visit a doctor and get checked immediately. Do not worry this problem can be fixed very easily, however if you leave it the way it is and the leakage is prolonged, it can lead to permanent dark circles and nobody likes that.

But, if your dark circles are caused by something else, there are a lot of remedies with the use of essentials oils that can get rid of your dark eye circles. If you are unsure of what to buy, you can make use of this list to check out which is the best one for you:


  • Eucalyptus oil – You might have heard of eucalyptus oil before, and it’s probably because eucalyptus is a known ingredient in toothpaste and mouth wash, but what you didn’t know that it can also be found as an essential oil as well.

 The eucalyptus oil is good for your eyes, because it shrinks the blood vessels found in your eye circles and it can also reduce puffiness. If you are already starting to have really ugly and dark eye circles, you can use this to get rid of the puffiness around your eyes.

But you should also keep in mind that eucalyptus oil is tremendously toxic and you should be very cautious when you start to put the oil around your eyes. Always make sure to add it with something else like coconut oil, to ease the toxicity, that way it will be safer to apply around the eyes.


  • Lavender oil – If you are fond of flowery scents, then lavender oil is the best choice for you. Lavender oil is actually one of the common types of essential oils that can be found in the market today. It is best known for soothing and calming the skin around your eyes.

Applying lavender oil on your eyes regularly can help promote better sleep and relax your eyes. It also contains diuretic properties which help drain out any kind of fluid that can be found in your eyes that is swelling.

If you wan to sleep better at night and stay relaxed then this type of essential oil is your best choice.


  • Almond oil – If you are found of peanuts, then almond oil is the best choice for you. Almond oil is another very common essential oil that can help fight dark circles. These essential oils for dark circles under the eyes have 3 kinds of nutrients such as vitamin K, palmitic acid, and retinol.

These vitamins contain nutrients that prevent blood clotting and reduce the presence of dark circles and discoloration.

This will be your best choice if you want to have something with vitamins that can get rid of discoloration in the eyes.


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