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Uses of Grapeseed Oil

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Grapeseed oil is fast becoming popular in many health circles as studies show that it is chockful of benefits that are actually good for you when you use it correctly. This oil is actually mild oil that comes from the pressed seeds of the grapes which often occurs once the fruit has been transformed into food, wine, or other beverage. The color of this oil tends to range from translucent to this bright green liquid that can help fight off any free radicals that are damaging you from the inside. It has this light sweet smell which is why it is often incorporated into many health and beauty items. This oil is often used carrier oil where it is combined with essential oils for aromatherapy purposes.


So what are the uses of grapeseed oil? Here are a few that are worth mentioning.

It is good for your hair

If you are dealing with dry and damaged hair, you will find that grapeseed oil can help bring back moisture to your scalp without leaving that greasy feeling. This oil is actually lighter compared to that of coconut and olive so your hair won’t feel too heavy with it. When you use this oil on your hair, you will find that it reduces dandruff because of its moisturizing effects. What’s more, it can strengthen your hair strands so that it won’t cause hair loss. Grapeseed oil contains vitamin E which can build up the hair tissue while the linoleic acid enhances hair growth.

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It can be used on your face

Since grapeseed oil is plant based oil, you can use it as a moisturizer safely. Studies showed that the grapeseed oil can actually improve the viscoelasticity and hydration in your skin which means that there are less wrinkles seen on your skin compared to that of those pricey skin care products that you’ve been using. What’s more, this oil is actually good for all types of skin and is a much better option compared to vegetable oils even. You can use grapeseed oil on its own on your skin and still get that smooth and firm skin you’ve always wanted but when you mix it with essential oils that have the same properties, your skin will look even better.

It is an anti-inflammatory

What other uses of grapeseed are there? Well, it appears that grapeseed oil can actually combat any inflammation that is happening in your body, especially in those who are overweight. Grapeseed oil contains plenty of omega-6 fatty acids which are useful against breast cancer, allergies, ADHD, as well as arthritis just to name a few. The vitamin E that is present in the oil helps with enhancing the immune system so that you will be in a much better position to fight off any infection that is present in your body.

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It’s useful when growing a beard

Another way that you can use grapeseed oil is when you are caring for your beard. Keep in mind that the skin underneath the beard will need moisture so that it won’t become cracked or dry. To use grapeseed oil, you will need to combine 4 drops of cedarwood oil, 2 drops each of lavender and sandalwood oil, to an ounce of grapeseed oil. Mix them thoroughly. Use a dropper to apply the solution on your beard so that it will become shiny and healthy while moisturizing the skin underneath.


As you can see, grapeseed oil definitely has a lot of uses. It’s important that you know how to use this oil to your advantage so that you will reap all of its health benefits with each use.

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