Very Simple Tips on Reversing Autism

The fact is thousands of children diagnosed with autism have been cured of the mental condition and were able to return to traditional classrooms. If you child has been diagnosed with autism, it is very important for you to continue seeking professional help. While you’re at it, there are very simple things that you may do at home to help reverse the condition your child has. Do take note that different children with autism respond differently to these various solutions.

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Below you will find some of the things that some professionals advise and many parents swear by. Look for those that seem favorable for your little one and add a lot of patience because it’s not unlikely for these techniques to take a while before reversing autism. Read on!

Remove Refined Sugar
Sugary foods and beverages should not be given to your little one. Most of the time, kids with autism have problems with their gut due to the presence of more bad microorganisms than good ones. Refined sugar will actually feed bad bacteria, causing them to multiply and produce unfavorable symptoms.

Replenish Good Bacteria in the Gut
Aside from refraining to feed those bad bacteria in your child’s gut, it is also a good idea to replenish the good ones. Such can be done with the help of probiotic supplements available at health food stores. You may also simply include naturally fermented food products in your child’s diet.

Provide a Gluten-Free Diet
Many children diagnosed with autism suffer from leaky gut syndrome, a condition wherein the intestines permit large molecules to pass through, causing immune reactions or allergies. It’s for this reason why providing your child with a gluten-free diet can be very beneficial.

Serve More Vegetables
Providing an autistic child with optimum nutrition is important. Luckily, there are many recipes on the internet that make all sorts of vegetables palatable to kids. You may also sneak in a few greens to his or her favorite smoothies.

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Serve Vitamin C-Rich Foods
One of the problems shared by a lot of kids with autism is scurvy, a condition characterized by swollen and bleeding gums. Because it is caused by a deficiency in Vitamin C, it is a good idea to serve more foods that are loaded with it. Some good examples are kiwi, berries, orange, guava, papaya, tomatoes and dark green leafy greens.

Go Green
Environmental toxins are said to be one of the causes of autism. Naturally, it will help your child a lot if you opt for household products that contain all-natural ingredients rather than synthetic ones. The next time you are at the supermarket shopping for air fresheners, detergents or cleaning products, always read the label.

Provide Music Therapy
Brain scans of children with autism revealed that the processing of emotional and perceptual aspects of music remains intact, and a lot of these kids enjoy activities that are music-based. Certain studies have also shown that music has a favorable effect on an autistic child’s gestural and verbal communication skills.

Give a Massage
Based on certain studies, providing your child a massage has beneficial effects on his or her autistic behaviors. It appears to have a favorable impact on social and learning skills, as well as communication attitudes. Performing yoga with your little one proves to be advantageous too.

Promote a Good Night’s Sleep
A child suffering from autism normally has a disrupted body clock or circadian rhythm. Promoting a good night’s sleep may be done by giving him or her a glass of warm milk, banana, a cup of unsweetened chamomile tea, or a warm bath with a few drops of lavender oil before bedtime. Some experts recommend mild melatonin doses.

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