Viral Hepatitis: 20 Helpful Home Remedies to Fight Hepatitis

Despite the immunization discovered for hepatitis, it is still a scary disease. It affects the liver and has caused fatalities throughout history. Below are some of the remedies you can try.

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Home Remedies Hepatitis #1
For hepatitis B patients, monitor the levels of iron or ferritin in the blood through blood tests. The lack of iron cuts the chances of successful interferon treatment in half.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #2
Alcohol in all form, even those found in drugs and flavorings must be avoided.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #3
Never take your chances on moldy or stale baked goods. The fungus aflatoxin boosts the carcinogenic tendencies of hepatitis infection.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #4
Liver extracts are needed to be consumed daily. Take 500 milligrams to 1000 milligrams of this extract daily in a period of six months. Intake of liver extracts lowers the level of liver enzymes.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #5
Make sure you take at least 30milligrams of zinc every day. The infected liver cells which lead to cirrhosis have the imbalance of zinc and copper, which is an excess in copper. The antioxidant copper damages the cell walls and zinc will try to get rid of them from the cells.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #6
Acute symptoms of hepatitis should be managed with a vegetable broth, vegetable juices that are diluted, and herbal teas.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #7
Change your diet into a fruit and raw vegetable diet from two weeks to four weeks. This will lead to the body’s cleansing.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #8
Black radish, red clover, green tea, and yellow dock are other herbs great for hepatitis.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #9
Get some turmeric added to your diet. It is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory agents.

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Home Remedies Hepatitis #10
Scutellaria or Baikal skullcap, or in some places called Chinese skullcap, is a powerful antioxidant.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #11
Another Chinese herb is Schizandra, an herb known among the Chinese and is used protect the liver.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #12

Phyllantus Ayurvedic is an herb great for Hepatitis B. It is believed among researchers that the herb is great at eradicating carrier cells of the disease after a fight with the virus.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #13
Take some olive leaf extract and use as an antifungal treatment.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #14
Silymarin is a flavonoid known for the healing and rebuilding of the liver. At least 200 milligrams is needed in a day, taken three times.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #15
Ligustrum restores the immune system’s efficiency and is a great anti-inflammatory agent.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #16
Viral Hepatitis is best fought with licorice. It treats viral hepatitis especially in chronic and active hepatitis. Avoid when suffering from high blood pressure.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #17
For the cleansing of liver and also that of the bloodstream, take dandelion and burdock as a remedy.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #18
Beets promote the liver cells’ regeneration. It has been used in ayurvedic medicine for years.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #19
The liver cells’ function is improved with artichoke.

Home Remedies Hepatitis #20
Avoid fatty foods at all cost. Protein should also be controlled. 3-6 ounces is allowed in a day.
This is a quick list of the things to help you with dealing with hepatitis. Be aware that some of the herbs must be taken with caution as they may affect existing conditions in the body negatively.

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