Warning Signs of Gallbladder Attack

Many of us are happily going on about our business, not paying much attention to our health, until we feel that sharp pain in our stomach that causes us to double over. It may be that the stomach pain that you are feeling is not your usual stomach flu, but already a sign of gallbladder attack. A gallbladder attack is triggered when there is a gallstone blocking the production of bile. The pain that you are feeling may be due to the contraction of the gall bladder which is its response when you are eating a meal that is laden with fats. Only when the gallbladder relaxes does the pain leave.

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How will you know if the pain that you are feeling is already a gallbladder attack? Here are a few signs to watch out for.

Pain in the stomach

Stomach pain is a typical symptom of gallbladder attack especially when it appears on the upper right side of your abdomen. There are instances when the pain can radiate around the back and on to your right shoulder too which can last for thirty minutes or so after you have eaten before it eventually disappears.

Nausea, heartburn, vomiting

When you experience vomiting, nausea, or similar to heartburn, it is possible that you are experiencing gallbladder attack. Although vomiting and nausea are not your typical symptoms for gallbladder, when they are accompanied by other symptoms that are listed here, it is best that you have your doctor check you up.

Pain between shoulder blades

The sudden pain between the shoulder blades can also be a warning sign that you have gallstones that are blocking the bile. You should monitor for other symptoms to determine if you are experiencing gallbladder attacks.

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Another symptom that can be attributed to gallbladder attack is the yellowing of your eyes or your skin. This yellowish pigmentation is often attributed to the stones falling from your gallbladder and sticking on the duct of your pancreas or in the bile. Jaundice can also appear in other health issues such as liver problems or anemia.

Pain that comes and goes

If the pain that you are feeling tends to come and go, it may be that your gallbladder is under attack. This is due to the stones popping in and out of your gallbladder which can cause pain. Some make the mistake of thinking that they are experiencing pancreatitis pain. The difference between the two is that the pain emanating from the pancreas tends to more constant and will last for hours while the gallbladder attack does not.

Radiating pain

It may be that you are suffering from gallbladder attack when the pain in your stomach is radiating into your right shoulder. This can be troublesome to say the least, but it can also mean that your gallbladder needs to be checked especially when there are other symptoms that have appeared.

Darker colored urine

Another sign that you are experiencing gallbladder attack is when your urine is darker in color while your stools appear lighter. If your stool doesn’t flush easily, it may be that there is a blockage in your pancreas or bile duct that is causing less absorption of fats.

These are just a few signs and symptoms that you may already be suffering from a gallbladder attack that needs to be remedied as soon as possible. If you are experiencing some of the symptoms listed here, make sure that you have yourself checked to get rid of the gallstones soon. This way, there will be less discomfort on your part.

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