Watch Out! 10 Things That May Be Irritating Your Skin

If you are facing problems on the health and overall condition of your skin, check the list below and find out for yourself the most possible culprit that trigger your skin to be irritated.

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Alcohol-based toners

Because it is known to dry out the skin, constant use of alcohol is a major cause that results to breakfast and sensitive skin.


Scrubs Made with Walnut Shells

The rough edges of the crushed walnut shells have enough rough edges to cause trouble to your sensitive skin. Avoid it at all costs.



Clothing made of wool exposes your skin to rashes and untimely itches. Its coarse consistency is never good for your skin.


Fabric Softeners and Dryer Sheets

Because they are all composed of chemicals, they are the most common skin irritants.


Spicy Food

Since the first reaction of the body when eating spicy foods is a raise in the body’s temperature, rosacea prone people usually experience skin irritation.



The surrounding’s temperature triggers rashes, itches, and other skin conditions. Although the hot weather causes the skin’s pores to open up and improve the circulation. Drink enough amount of water to keep you hydrated.


A Diet Rich in Salt

Swelling happens when the body takes in too much water. Salt promotes the retention of more water in the body. When this happens, it tends to dry out the skin.



Moisturizers have petroleum as one of their most common ingredients. One of the widely used kinds of petroleum jelly is the Vaseline.


On the  contrary, when it is used to be applied on the skin, it is produces the opposite effect. Petroleum’s oily texture adds a layer of water-repellant substance. This layer blocks the moisture. The same layer is for traps the dirt.



One common habit when checking fragrances is to spray a product directly on the skin. Just like fabric conditioners, fragrances have tons of chemicals in them. They tend to irritate the skin.



Water and the use of soap eliminate moisture from the skin, which leads to dry and usually irritated skin.


It is best to keep away from these irritants and choose better alternatives. Take good care of your skin. Eat the right kinds of foods. This way, you’ll be healthy from the inside.




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