Ways to Improve Your Mood (Part 2)

Mood changes are directly affected by different factors. Whether they come from internal or external sources, it is always manifested by the body through actions and/or emotions. Mood swings can also occur when mood changes abruptly from positive or negative. This can happen instantly or gradually. But the main thing to remember is that there are ways to consciously change your mood to you preference with these:

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Watch What You Eat

Nutrients that the body needs are usually found in the food that we eat. As the body processes food, nutrients are utilized by the body with the help of hormones. These hormones have a direct effect on our mood such as the endorphins or the happy hormones. Foods that are high in omega fatty acids such as EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), have been attributed to the decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety. Omega fatty acids are usually found in salmon, green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach) and walnuts.

Sleep Regularly

Though there is much debate on why humans sleep, there is undoubtedly proven effects of the lack thereof. Not only does sleep messes with your bodily processes, it also has a direct link to mood changes. It has been observed that people who have little, interrupted or no sleep tend to be more irritable, depressed or riddled with anxiety. Following a regular sleeping pattern can dramatically reduce mood swings.

Take Time To Meditate

Some people are prone to be easily affected by stressful situations. It is important to take time to pause, step back from the external stress sources and meditate for a while. When done properly, you can tune out distractions and clear out internal stresses too like anxiety, self-doubt etc.

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Take The Proper Supplements

B-vitamins are known to be mood regulators. However, the most noted B-Vitamin is cobalamin or Vitamin B-12. Numerous studies have proved its key role in brain and nervous system processes. B-12 together with folate, manufactures SAM-e, or S-adenosylmethionine, which is a mood regulator compound that aids in the production of serotonin. A deficiency in serotonin levels in the body can cause anxiety and/or depression. It is also important to note that some mood disorders are caused by chemical imbalances in the body that can be corrected by taking supplements such as B-complex vitamins. Nevertheless, one should consult a medical professional before self-medicating.

Encourage, Motivate, Believe

Dwelling the fact that you are in a bad mood actually puts you in a worse mood and vice versa. Some psychologists have mood disorder patients to reiterate to themselves the positive aspects in their life. This allows them to revert out of their mood, motivate themselves and soon enough believe in what they keep telling themselves.

Be Silly

Practicing weird, silly facial expressions or immersing yourself in silly activities once in awhile is a good way to combat bad moods. One study has suggested that the simple act of smiling even if you do not feel like it actually boost your mood to a certain degree. This tricks your mind into thinking that the body itself is happy and will send the right brain chemicals to boost happiness.

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