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Ways to Lighten Dark Skin on Hands and Feet

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Do you dislike uneven skin tone? Do you have too much exposure under the sun? Walking under the sun without proper protection may lead to dark skin on hands and feet. However, if the darkening of the skin is unusually rapid then you may have a bigger problem. In that instance, it is possible that you have Diabetes or fungus infection. In which case, you should seek for a dermatologist instead of the contents of this article.

The best way to lighten dark skin is to try a chemical peel. Consult a professional salon you find best and take their advice wholeheartedly regarding skincare and chemical peel. Chemical peel removes the dark layer of the skin and in doing so, renews the cell, affecting the skin lightening.

Simple natural remedies:

Lemon juice:
1. Mix lemon juice and water.
2. Soak hand and feet into the mixture.
3. Alternatively, rub a lemon lotion onto affected area.

Yogurt and honey:
1. Mix half of an unflavored yogurt with honey.
2. Apply to dark skin.
3. Rinse after 15 minutes.

Sandalwood Powder and Tomato Juice:
1. Mix Sandalwood Powder with Tomato Juice to form a paste.
2. Apply on hands and feet.
3. Rinse after 30 minutes.

Turmeric, Gram Flour, Cucumber/Lemon juice:
1. Mix the same amount of turmeric powder and gram flour.
2. Add cucumber or lemon juice.
3. Apply on the area.
4. Rinse after 15 minutes.

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Cucumber juice and milk:
1. Mix the same amount of cucumber juice and full fat milk.
2. Apply on the area.
3. Rinse with lukewarm water after 20 minutes.

Dark skin may not always literally mean a dark, blackish skin. Sometimes, the case is a dryness of the skin. Use the correct moisturizer on a regular basis. Petroleum jelly, for example, is a deep moisturizer which can do the job excellently. Apply petroleum jelly to the affected area before sleeping. This is particularly for those who feel as if the skin is too tight or cracked. Hand lotion also works.

Another excellent method would be to remove the oldest dead skin cells. Prepare a homemade scrub with oatmeal, olive oil, honey, and brown sugar. Brushing twice a month is recommended.

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