Ways to Make Hair Smell Good Naturally

People have a distinct smell, even in our hair. Our hair can develop a characteristic smell from our environment, the food we eat and our own genetics. It is never good to wash your hair every day, but when your hair develops a bad odor washing it will be the best option to remove the smell. Using aromatic oils can help nourish and remove odor from the hair, that’s hitting two birds with one stone.

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Here are other natural ways to having good smelling hair:



Jasmine Oil – This essential oil is great for the hair. Not only does it make your hair smell amazing, it also promotes hair growth. Massage jasmine oil in the hair and scalp for a few minutes, then rinse.


Lemon – This citrusy fruit can leave your hair smelling refreshing and sweet. Lemon can also help lessen dandruff and lighten the hair. Apply lemon juice on the hair before shampooing it.


Rose Water – Rose water is great for disinfecting the hair and scalp. Soaking your hair in rose water can remove odor and make it smell amazing.


Hibiscus – Hibiscus oil is an incredibly healthy oil for the hair. It helps strengthen, darken and give it a natural shine. The smell of hibiscus oil can last in the hair up to five days.

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Flowers – Flowers are the natural perfume of the environment. Add flower essence to your washing water or add flowers to your hair.


Henna – This natural remedy can work for some people. The smell of henna can smell either good or bad to one person. If you like the smell of henna in your hair, apply it on at least once a week. Henna though is a strong natural dye, coloring it in the future is going to be difficult.


Avoid Heat – Heat can cause sweating. If you tend to sweat a lot, prevent staying under the sun.


Tea Leaves – If you prefer a smell of a certain type of tea, use it to wash your hair. Dark colored teas can also help darken the color of your hair and lessen the copper color from chlorine damage.


Regular Wash – Some people don’t require regular washing, but if you work or go to a place that exposes you to pollution and dirt wash your hair every two days. This will refresh your hair and prevent other gunk and junk from sticking due to greasy hair.


These are all natural and safe way to get good smelling hair. Here is a simple trivia: people that you are related by blood can have a natural distinct smell that you would never like.



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