Ways You Can Defy Your Age Naturally

Ever noticed how every magazine you pick up seem to have advertisements on how people can actually look younger than their real age? There are ads and commercials for almost every age defying product out there—miracle creams, injections, hair dyes, surgery and more. It’s as though aging is something to be feared or be ashamed of; something that deserves to be fought every step of the way.

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But fact is, aging is something inescapable. Aging gracefully and full of wisdom is hot, but looking old and tired—certainly not! Although anti-aging cosmetics have certainly been a part of most women’s daily skin care routine, there are lots of natural ways that can help slow down the aging process. Bear in mind though that the best key to looking younger is to feel younger. There isn’t anything that can age you faster than subjecting yourself to chronic stress, illness, stiffness and pain. Ergo, much of what you do to take care of yourself of an everyday basis can aid you in keeping a youthful glow. Below is a list of the many things that you can perform to make you feel young, strong and vibrant.

  1. Get a Mindset Adjustment: You Alone Can Control How You’ll Age

As per research, serious aging occurs at a cellular level.  A lot of people’s lifestyle habits like nutrition, stress levels, exercise habits, and even sleep can help enhance the body’s ability to cope with or repair the cellular damage that occurs as they age. Illnesses happen when people cease to keep their minds and bodies active which is an unavoidable circumstance of getting older. So keep in mind that much of you do on a daily basis can aid in prolonging your life and improve the quality of those years as well.

  1. Exercise can be your Fountain of Youth

A good workout will always give you a better sense of wellness plus naturally-flushed cheeks that can give you a healthy-looking glow. There are three types of exercises you can do to help you feel young:

  1. Aerobic exercises: this increases your body’s blood circulation and can strengthen your lungs and heart. Other weight bearing aerobic exercises can even help slow the down the progression of osteoporosis.
  2. Strength training: this helps build muscle and bone mass which can also rev up the body’s metabolism rates.
  3. Lifestyle activities: includes golfing, bowling, tennis, gardening, ballroom dancing and the like involves both mental and physical stimulation which keeps your body and mind young.
  4. Harness the power of proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition can help keep illnesses at bay plus it can also enhance your skin’s complexion. If one of your main concerns it to maintain a healthy-looking skin, then feel free to indulge on foods containing lots of vitamins A, C, E and polyphenols (for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects).

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Signs of sleep deprivation can become easily apparent on skin.  Eye bags and noticeable pallor can definitely make you look tired and old. Chronic lack of sleep can age your body from the inside out.

  1. Calm your mind.

Chronic stress can wear you out—the very reason why you need to calm your nerves by doing some meditation exercises or perhaps yoga. Stress has been linked to heart diseases, high blood pressure skin inflammation and obesity.  Anything you do to help alleviate the stress you’re encountering can provide a positive impact on how you feel and look.

  1. Take care of your oral health.

A great smile brings positivity to your life.  Good oral health can improve your body’s overall health. Plus, nothing can make you look older than yellow, stained teeth.

  1. Quit smoking and too much alcohol drinking

Smoking can severely accelerate the body’s aging process, and so is excessive drinking. Both habits shorten a person’s lifespan considerably and can impact the body’s overall health negatively.

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