Ways You Can Use Honey for Whatever Ails Your Body

A lot of people have been using honey as an everyday sweetener for tea, coffee or even toast. But did you know that there are a lot more uses for this nifty little treat?

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  1. General Health benefits
    Honey offers a myriad of health benefits to the body. A tablespoon of honey contains roughly 60 calories. Honey is almost fat-free, cholesterol-free and sodium-free. So it’s no small wonder that countless health-conscious people add honey to their coffee or tea instead of using sugar or any other sugar substitutes. Honey is made up of 80% carbs, 2% mix of various vitamins and then 18% water.
  1. Honey can help you get rid of throat irritation and cough
    Honey is considered a natural cough suppressant. In a study conducted with 110 children as subjects, it is found out that a dose of buckwheat honey can be just as effective as a dose of dextromethorpan in banishing cough and promotes proper sleep during nights.
  1. Honey can help make you get a good night’s rest.
    Honey can be a good medication for those who have trouble sleeping at night. Honey triggers the release of a hormone called serotonin—the one responsible for improving a person’s mood. When someone’s on a good mood, sleep comes easier. Honey also contains an amino acid called tryptophan which can trigger sleep as well.
  1. Honey can provide relief from allergies.
    Honey apparently contains a bunch of anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe cough and other symptoms of allergies.  And although actual scientific proof has not yet been established, it has a lot of anecdotal proof. Also, lots of neuropathic doctors have been prescribing the use of honey for people with allergies for years and the turnover reports have been very good.
  1. Honey can boost your immune system
    According to a recent research conducted to prove the effectivity of honey in improving one’s immune system, it was found out that defensin-1, a protein that’s in honey, possesses natural antibacterial properties that can be used against certain drug-resistant bacteria.
  1. Honey can substitute your regular energy drinks
    With only 17 grams of carbs for each tablespoon, and since honey contains no unprocessed sugar, it can substitute your energy drink. The glucose and fructose content of honey enters your bloodstream directly which means consuming a honey-based drink before starting your workout can provide you with massive dividends almost immediately, plus the fact that it can continue to offer assistance during longer workout periods.
  1. Honey can help your fight cancer
    Honey can’t “cure” cancer but there are some properties in honey that can also be found in anti-cancer medications. Each year, there have been more and more studies that prove that honey can indeed play a role in cancer and tumor prevention.
  1. Honey can help cure your cuts and burns
    Ancient Egyptians first found this out, that honey can be beneficial for people who are suffering from cuts and burns. Honey possesses antiseptic properties that help keep open wounds from getting infected and always clean. Honey can also be an effective cure for yeast infections, athlete’s foot, and arthritic pain.
  1. Honey can treat your hangovers
    In an unlikely event that a person drinks too much and ends up waking with a massive hangover, a dose of honey can help relieve it.  The intrinsic properties of honey can help soothe an upset stomach and also aids the liver in expelling the alcohol out of your system faster. A simple recipe for hangover includes mixing 8 parts orange juice plus 7 parts of natural yogurt then 1.5 parts of honey. Blend well then start sipping.
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