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Weight Loss Combos to Try

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Losing weight won’t be that easy as there are many factors for us to take into consideration such as how often to eat, what foods to go on our diet, and how long will we be able to keep at it. Focusing on our diet can help us manage what goes inside our bellies and if you are looking for the perfect combination to speed up your weight loss, try these healthy combinations today.

Apples, peanut butter, and cinnamon 

The combination of apples and peanut butter is a classic when it comes to weight loss as peanut butter has monounsaturated fats that can stay in your belly for hours. The polyunsaturated fats present can speed up your metabolism too. Apple, on the other hand, is packed with fiber which can improve your digestion. Spread peanut butter on slices of apples and add cinnamon on top to get additional antioxidants and you’re done. This snack will fill you up in no time. 

Oatmeal and berries 

What’s great about oatmeal and berries is that they are packed with insoluble fiber which is slow to digest hence you will feel full for hours. Oats, on the other hand, are one of the best foods that can fill your belly for hours and they are cheap too. Berries contain polyphenols that assist in burning fat which also contribute with weight loss. 

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Greek yogurt, raspberries, and almonds 

Greek yogurt is considered as the king of all yogurt as it has plenty of protein, which is perfect for fat-burning, calcium and vitamin D, which are known to reduce your stress hormone. You can make your yogurt more appetizing by adding raspberries which are known to prevent fats from forming. Add a few almonds on top for that extra crunch and you’ll have one satisfying snack for your belly. 

Hard-boiled eggs and leafy greens 

There is no doubt that eggs are one of the best fat-burning foods to have in your diet. Throw in some leafy greens with your hard-boiled eggs and you’ll have a weight loss combo that will get you to reduce fats fast. Eating this regularly can make you drop pounds in no time. 

Salmon, yogurt, and sweet potatoes 

Another perfect combo to prepare to lose weight is salmon, yogurt, and sweet potatoes. Wild salmon is ideal for weight loss because it contains omega-3 fatty acids that have fat-burning and anti-inflammatory properties as well. It also has protein which is important in burning fats. Add some slow burning carbs like sweet potatoes to help fill your belly up for hours. The yams also stabilize your blood sugar levels so you won’t suffer from cravings. 

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These are just a few powerful weight loss combos that you should add to your daily diet if you want to see some serious pounds dropping. The best part is that these are all easy to prepare and won’t cost you a lot of money too.

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