Weird Facts about Breasts

There has been a lot of debate regarding breastfeeding and how it should not be allowed in public even with a blanket or covering. Most people believe that the breast is a sexual organ that needs to be hidden and breastfeeding in a private area. However, a lot of people don’t know that the objectification of breast came from instincts to reproduce. It was believed that women with bigger breast are more likely to have enough nourishment to feed their young and is more deemed to be fertile. Female breasts are also said to be affected by arousal in the brain. Though, it is not really deemed as a sexual organ and breastfeeding considered a sexual act. There are a lot more things we can learn about breast.

Did you know the woman that holds the Guinness world record of largest natural breast in the world has a 48V bra size? Men are born with the same mammary gland as women. Though, they are not able to feel the same sensations and have the same purpose. There are were cases where men were able to lactate and feed their children. Although, this is incredibly rare. These aren’t the only weird facts about breast, read on to find out more.


Have you ever wondered if you can lactate or leak without giving birth? You’ll be surprised to know that the answer is yes. This can be incredibly shocking to people who has never had a child. Though, this can be pretty normal. In a lot of cases, discharge can happen when you are on birth control or excessively stimulated. There are also some cases where women experience leakage because they focus too much into wanting to be pregnant or thinking they are. This is completely safe and has no negative effects on our health.

Sleeping Position

The way you sleep can affect your breast. Sleeping in the wrong way can affect the perkiness of your breast. The best way to prevent your breast from sagging is to sleep on your back. Other positions that can go against the gravity of the breast or stretch the ligaments can cause sagging. You can limit this by adding support. When sleeping on your side. Use a pillow under your boob so it won’t hang. For people with large breast. Adding pillows on your sides can reduce the tugging that can at times cause pain.

Lopsided Boobs

There really is no way to fix lopsided breast. Unless you get surgery to make it symmetrical or it has naturally grown the same size. People that tell you that you can exercise one side of your chest to make it the same is a lie. This can be distressing, but you should know that most women in the world have lopsided breast. Even women that exercise regularly. If you really want to fix it surgery is your best bet.

It Doesn’t End in Puberty

Unlike our height, our breast can still grow after puberty. If you are distressing about your breast size in your teens, don’t get to discourage. Most women experience growth in breast size up to their early twenties. This age is the time where the breast grows to its full size. Besides this, there are different things that can permanently affect the size of your breast such as premenstrual changes, weight loss and pregnancy. So, sticking to one bra size for the rest of your life is not ideal.

Creams Won’t Make It Bigger

We’ve seen a lot of products that promise breast enhancement with application. Massaging this said cream can make the breast and butt larger. This is a complete lie. There is no miracle product that you can rub on your body that can make it bigger, especially the breast and buttocks. That is not how our anatomy works. These products can make it appear bigger because it adds shine on the skin making it appear wider. Though, it is impossible to go from an A cup to a C by rubbing cream on your breast. Save your money and ask your doctor if there are any safe hormone pills that can help enhance your breast.

A few decades ago no one was allowed to go topless, but in the 1930’s men fought for the right to be able to leave the home without any clothes from the waist up. Today, there are states the will imprison a woman who exposes their areola. Though, the first legally published material the exposed female breast were available in the early 1900s. There seems to be a love hate relationship with breast and the public. However, this doesn’t change the fact that most women have them and need to take care of them. We hope that these weird facts are able to help you understand your breast more.

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