What Are the Benefits and Risk of a Cesarean Section

You are either born in two ways: your mother either had a vaginal birth or a surgical delivery by caesarean section. Either way you were born on this earth. Now, you or someone you know may be going through pregnancy and wondering if they have an option of doing a cesarean section and should they pursue it. Most cases of C-sections are planned ahead for different reasons. C- sections are often only done when vaginal birth is risky. Cases such as delivering multiple babies, existing medical condition of the mother (diabetes, HIV, blood pressure, herpes, etc.), delivering a large baby and the position of the baby.

Emergency Cases

There will be emergency cases where a C – section will be necessary and unplanned. It can be done for emergency reasons that will put either the mother, the baby or both of them in danger. This can, either because of problems during pregnancy or during labor. Problems such as blood clots, lack of oxygen for the baby and so on.

Can I Get a C-Section for Non-Medical Reasons?

Yes, elective cesarean sections are requested by the mother before labor. Women are given the option to choose a C-section and a normal birth when she delivers or opt for this choice if they struggled with previous vaginal delivery. C-sections are considered some and most situation is used to save lives. However, it can still be risky compared to normal birth. It includes a major surgery that will require an incision on the pregnant woman’s belly and remove the baby. That women had C-sections for their first pregnancy will most likely have them for future pregnancies. However, vaginal birth is still the most preferred method in the world.

Pros of Cesarean Section for Baby

Babies do not have a lot of benefits from C-section unless there is a serious risk. Children that had their umbilical cords wrapped around them are required to get a cesarean section to help them safely removed. Women that also struggle with health issues such as herpes or HIV is necessary to have a C-section. Not only will it reduce the chances of getting the infection.

Pros of Cesarean Section for Mother

There really is not a lot of advantages for mothers when it comes to cesarean section, except when it can prevent a health risk. You may not experience the whole pain of childbirth, but recovery will take a lot longer. However, cesarean sections are incredibly helpful for women that cannot handle the pain.

Cons of Cesarean Section for Baby

Babies are more prone to breathing problems at birth. It can continue until childhood or cause asthma. Babies that are delivered via C-sections are at greater risk of being stillborn. Since this is an invasive surgery this also increases the risk that the baby can be nicked during the procedure. There are also studies that prove that children that are birthed through C-sections are more prone to obesity.

Cons of Cesarean Section for Mother

Women that have gone through a cesarean section will definitely stay longer in the hospital than women who had a normal vaginal birth. She will stay two to four days more than she should be and even more if there is a further complication after the procedure. C-sections also increases the woman’s risk of physical complication after delivery, such as soreness around the body and pain due to the incision. This will also make it harder for you to move. During the surgery, the woman has a higher risk of blood loss and risk of infection.

Is It Risky?

Cesarean section is ideally safe, especially when women are able to schedule their C-section ahead of time. The doctors are able to analyze the possible risk before the procedure is done. Cesarean sections can become risky when a sudden complication arises or when it is done due to emergency reasons since the doctor and patients is not able to prepare for the operation.

Though, the ultimate goal is till to deliver a baby safely and make sure that it is healthy. The person that can tell you which option would be best is the doctor. There are cases where cesarean section is inevitable. This case is often performed for either the safety of the mother or the baby. Though, before giving birth most people have the choice or time to plan their C-section. We hope that we were able to help you learn more about the benefits and risk of a cesarean section.

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