What Causes Hand and Wrist Pain and it’s Remedies

Hand and wrist pain is very common to office workers, especially to women. Your hands can experience swelling, weakness and numbness when over worked. Wrist and hand pain can an underlying symptom of something serious or a health issue on its own.

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The hands and wrist contain seventeen joints, nineteen muscles and nineteen bones. If one of those joints are inflamed or one of those muscles are stressed, it can cause a whole lot of problems.

Women are more exposed to wrist and hand pain. Women are more prone to degenerative diseases than men, the bones, joints and cartilages in women tend to wear down faster than men’s. This can be caused by hormone imbalance and calcium deficiency. It can also be a hereditary disorder.

Here are some causes of hand and wrist pain:

Wrist Tendinitis – This is a very common symptom. This is the swelling under the base of the thumb. Pain occurs, then you squeeze something, sudden movements and pinch the fingers together. This can occur when an individual lifts too much or move in the wrong way. The inflammation can extend to the arm and can cause a lot of pain.

Ganglion Cyst
– This happens when small bulges appear in the joints of the wrist or finger. These bulges are filled with liquid and can be extremely painful. Treatment of these requires anti-inflammatory medications. When it becomes too serious, liquid in the bulges needs to be drained.

Thumb Arthritis
– Just like the name suggest it arthritis symptoms on the thumb. You can develop this through stress or wearing the joints down. It can prevent proper mobility and can cause irritation.

Trigger Finger – You can often see these on people that do manual and pedestrian jobs. The fingers stay in the bent position (like you are about to pull the trigger) and are unable to straighten it. It is very uncomfortable and painful disorder.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
– This is a very painful feeling in the wrist. Without being treated early It can move up to the arm. This is a very common problem in women, especially for women that work with keyboards, repetitive movement and move their fingers a lot.

Home Remedies:

If the pain is mild try out these home remedies to relieve the pain
• Linseed Oil – Consume a tablespoon of linseed oil in the morning for 3 weeks or a month to remove inflammation
• Cherries – Cherries can diminish inflammation and reduce pain. Eating ten cherries a day is recommended.
• Vitamin B6 – Relieve joint pains by taking vitamin B6 supplements or eating vitamin B6 rich foods.
• Omega 3 – These fatty acids are known to lessen inflammation and are known as a natural treatment for osteoarthritis.

Hand and wrist pain can be tricky to diagnose alone. Always go to your doctor to determine the cause of pain. Let them instruct you on the right treatment or surgery.

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