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What is the BEST fitness routine?

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With so many types of exercises around, it can be very confusing to know which ones of them you should go for in order to see noticeable results in no time. Continue reading to get rid of the guesswork, allowing you to focus on routines that can help make your dream figure become a reality.

Love What You’re Doing
Before you embark on a fitness journey, make sure that it is something that you really want and not just something that somebody asks you to do. Exercising regularly can feel like a drag if you’re doing it for others.

Have Various Exercise Types Ready
Don’t make leading a busy life an excuse not to work out. The fact is you can get your dose of exercise no matter where you are, whether stuck at home or in the office. Do sit-ups while waiting for the stew to simmer. Ditch the elevator and use the stairs. Walk to the nearest grocery store or coffee shop rather that use your car or ride a cab.

Remember to Stretch Those Muscles
Having painful joints and muscles can keep you from completing your routine for the day. That is why stretching before you begin your exercise comes very importantly. It also helps ward off physical injuries along the way.

Opt for Cardiovascular Exercises
No other routine can make you burn those calories and fat faster than cardio. Anything that consists of repetitive movements and causes your heart and respiratory rate to increase can be regarded as cardio, from swimming to bicycling.

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Build Muscles
Most women are afraid to use dumbbells or resistance bands for fear that they may end up looking like the Incredible Hulk. Ladies, this is not going to happen unless you bombard your body with muscle-building supplements and start lifting tons of weights. It’s a good idea to build lean muscles as muscles help you burn lots of calories even while you’re sleeping.

Work Out with a Pal
Having a relative or friend exercise with you helps keep your commitment and dedication intact. Look for someone who also wants to get in shape. Don’t forget to compare results as well as share tips and tricks to keep each another going.

Move to the Groove
With an upbeat song playing, it’s easier to get in the mood for exercising. Whether you are doing kickboxing at home or jogging at the park, listening to lively pop or rock music helps you stay keyed up as well as keeps boredom at bay.

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Dance When You Have the Chance
Dancing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise and it also involves your entire body. Be it hip-hop, jazz or ballet, it’s also a wonderful way to express your self and gain self-confidence.

Always Breathe Properly
Whether you are in the middle of your routine at the gym or doing yoga at home, breathing properly matters. The fat-burning process requires oxygen molecules so you want to ensure that your blood contains enough of them each time.

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