What Would Happen If You Skipped Using Sunscreen?

If you’re someone who cares not only about your appearance but also health, then it’s a must for you to generously apply sunscreen (preferably one that has a sun protection factor or SPF of not less than 30) on exposed areas of your body before going outside during the day.

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Refrain from assuming that the sun is pure evil. According to health authorities, the sun is actually a fantastic source of vitamin D. This nutrient is essential for strengthening the immune system, lifting the mood, and lowering your risk of osteoporosis and certain cancers.

To get enough vitamin D, it is recommended for you to allow your skin to come into contact with direct sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes before 10 in the morning and after 4 in the afternoon. At any other time of the day, make sure that you use sunscreen generously.

Applying it as necessary helps shield your skin from the many different harmful effects of getting more sun than you should, ranging from uneven pigmentation to skin cancer. Here are some of the things that would happen if you failed to do so:

You Would Have Blotchy Skin

It’s very much possible for the dark-colored pigment called melanin to appear more in certain areas of your skin. This is the reason why it’s not unlikely for you to end up with blotchy skin if you fail to apply sunscreen before stepping foot outside.

You Would Sport Unsightly Age Spots

A lot of beauty-conscious women love to be spotted with some freckles. On the other hand, no woman on the planet wants to be seen with age spots. Age spots are nothing like freckles as they are larger and darker, and they’re more common among those who are 30 years old and above.

You Would be Seen With Wrinkles

Did you know that too much sun can cause collagen to breakdown? Collagen is a structural type of protein that makes your skin firm. Needless to say, not having enough collagen can cause your skin to become loose and saggy, thus causing wrinkles to come into being.

You Would Have Increased Skin Cancer Risk

Even during a particularly cloudy day, it’s still a good idea for you to generously apply sunscreen. That’s because the sun’s UV rays, the ones that can cause skin cancer, are capable of penetrating clouds and come into contact with your skin.

You Would Have Darker Skin Color

Planning on undergoing laser hair removal? Then make sure that you start using sunscreen 4 to 6 weeks before you step foot inside the skin care center of your choice. Such is to protect your skin from darkening, which can keep laser from impressing.

You Would End Up With Nasty Sunburn

Definitely, failure to shield your skin from the UV rays of the sun with sunscreen can leave you with a nasty case of sunburn. The longer you remain unprotected, the worse the resulting sunburn — everyone knows how unpleasant and unsightly its symptoms can be!

These are the things that would happen if you skipped applying sunscreen before stepping foot outside during the day. So if you care about your appearance and health, make sure that you get your hands on a bottle of sunscreen and use it as necessary.

Applying sunscreen is easier now more than ever. That’s because you can choose from a wide variety of sunscreen types, ranging from lotions, sprays to sticks. There are also various beauty products that offer integrated sunscreen protection, such as moisturizers and lip balms.

For superb protection from the UV rays given off by the sun, check that the sunscreen of your choice has an SPF of 30. Feeling generous? Feel free to opt for one with a higher SPF. The higher the number you see, the better protection you get.

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